Happiness – Red Velvet

SM’s newest weapon for the KPOP industry, Red Velvet has made their debut with Happiness. Red Velvet is a 4 member group that consists of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. A pretty successful group so far, but I am not sure really if they are successful, or if it the mass fans that follow SM Entertainment. They managed to peak in the top 10 right after they released, but it seems the group has started to die off a little bit. There was minimal hype for them and I think many of us can agree that their debut was quite hasty. Look at EXO when they debut. Over 100 teasers and a lot of hype. Red Velvet though, seems to have like 1 teaser and then the official debut. And you can tell from the quality of the song and music video, that maybe they are getting the short hand of the stick. Those are just my thoughts on the group, mainly because they don’t have the hype that bands like EXO and F(x) have.

This is definitely not a song that anyone debuts with. It is a terrible choice in my point of view. They really need a song that is memorable and even though they come from SM Entertainment, I would be a little concerned with the song. It is a good song overall though. Just not the right debut song. This song has a very happy vibe to it, which I find unique, but not really that great. It also has the hint of aegyo and whatnot in it, which I don’t know if it really works on the Korean population anymore. The song is somewhat catchy and the instrumental is okay. I really like the “Shine on me” part. I thought having those vocals are amazing, but if I was to comment how it fit into the song overall, it could have been a little better. For a group with an English speaking member and also a company that deals with overseas a lot, I still am thinking that their pronunciation on some words such as “Happiness” could really have improved. It sounded a lot like gibberish to me. It took me a few days to notice.

The music video is really crap. It just did not ooze that SM feel. Maybe it was a good thing, but it felt so fake to me. SM Entertainment’s trademark are the very famous box sets. However this is just filmed on a very large green screen and it seems very low budget. Though it is meant to look artistic, the pictures in the back ground that are meant to form a collage, looks very messy and out of placed. Also, the pictures came under fire recently as they featured pictures of the bombings of Japan and the 9/11 attacks. SM Entertainment asked their director and the reply we all got was “He just picked them and did not use them intentionally”. Pftt, I don’t think that many people believe that statement. I honestly don’t think their dipped died hair is that great nor the things that they are wearing. Not really that great to be honest. I like the pink bear though and there were some decent scenes where they were not filmed on the green screen. But overall, crappy music video.

The dance is really not memorable and I thought that it kind of sucked.

Honestly, SM really needs to pick their game with this group. Please don’t turn it into another F(x) group, because honestly, that is something that we don’t really need. A better song, music video and choreography with a decent budget next time. You have the money, use it to make more money. 1/10

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