My Copycat – Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel made their surprise comeback with My Copycat this month. Last time they promoted on stage was with Catallena. This time they went with an interesting yet pretty playful concept, which has got many people playing and talking about. Going with their usual cute yet quirky theme, they have managed to conquer Where’s Wally, which makes this whole comeback pretty unique. Who does not love Where’s Wally? For those who don’t know, it is a book that contains pictures of a large group of people. And basically, you have to sit down and scan every single person until you find Wally himself, with his distinct clothing, it really is not that hard. Unless they are all wearing the same thing. But anyway, let’s continue.

This song is not memorable is kind of average, even for this band. However, this song still maintains the girl’s quirky sound, because as soon as you hear the instrumental, you automatically know it is going to be a weird one with those really cool, yet annoying saxophones. The chorus changes up the song, but I feel it has a dis-attached feel to the rest of the song. The song sounds quirky, just the chorus sounds really tone down and I dare say, quite normal. The bridge could have been better, it made the song feel more awkward overall as well. Though, overall, the song was pretty cool. Those part right after the chorus are probably my favourite. They just ooze with the quirkiness that we know of from the band. Overall, this has to be an average song, with some okay parts and some really cool parts as well.

The music video is the part where I want to focus on. This music video has been done beautifully. It is interactive and it just probably amazes everyone when they watch it. I have to be honest though. Staring at the screen with this colourful music video is just going to kill your eyes. But nonetheless, this is probably one of the best music videos of the year. The “Spot the Difference” and “Where’s Wally (renamed appropriately as Where’s Rania, Nana and Lizzy?) theme is really unique and pretty cool. Some parts, particularity the spot the difference, weirded me out a lot. Those eyes and eye lids were pretty freaky. To be honest, I tried looking for them the first time, but (put racist Asian joke here). Let’s just leave it at that. It is really colourful, just ease off on the colour next time.

As for the dance, it looked cool. They pretended to blow their saxophones and do other things that fitted the feel of the song. Overall, a pretty good dance.

As for the score, 8/10. It was a nice surprise. And it paid off pretty well.


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