Danger – BTS

BTS has finally returned to the stage with a new song. It has been only months since their last release, Boy In Luv, and now that they are back, they are making more girls swoon then ever. Proving that they are well loved and supported by the public, the boys managed to show off a much more masculine and manlier style than their previous comeback. Since their last comeback, they have been a busy bunch. They had released a follow up song to their previous title song, titled as Just One Day. The boys also appeared in their own variety/reality show in America. I think it was them, but not entirely sure. They also went on to make their debut in Japan as well, and over there they proved to be a big hit as well. Let’s get on with this review shall we?

The song itself is pretty good. Probably jumped up as my most favourite BTS song so far. This song is equally as appealing as it is catchy and I feel like the boys really hit a home run with this song. It contains the dark hip hop feel that the boys are known for, which showcases their masculine side, but at the same time, it still manages to live up to something that is a lot different, making it a very unique song. Maybe it is the fact that Thanh Bui, a very popular Vietnamese soloist (who happens to also be from Australia) penned the song. Hahaha… VIETNAM REPRESENTS!!! But really, this is a pretty awesome song. I really like the chorus of the song and the rapping really blended in well with the song and the vocals. I have no reasons to be disappointed with the song. I really liked the rock influence that the instrumental has, it blends really well with the rest of the song, and if the instrumental was crap, it would have meant the song would have been horrible. Glad it wasn’t and a really amazing song.

As for the music video, I do have one complaint. The dramatic feel of the video was kind of played to the point of boredom. Yeah, I got a little bored of the video. And if there was just a dance version, I be the first one to watch it. Though the music video (minus the dramatic scenes) was pretty cool to watch, it just really disappointed me. It lacked something that great for the band. It ticked every box for a 10/10, just the whole music video lacked something to make it a 10/10. The solo scenes. Ooo… Wet hair. A borken piano which you can still play. A basketball that randomly bounces on and on. A punching bag, in the middle of a warehouse, with nothing else around it. Dude tattooing himself. Dude dancing in front of mirror. Really felt like that monotone voice you read things with hey??? Though at least there was a little bit of fire and smashing things to give the music video that “danger” side to it.

As mentioned above, the dancing was remarkably and amazingly cool. No ifs and no buts. The dance at the chorus is mighty cool. But the whole highlight of the dance, probably goes to Jin and then Jimin part, just before the chorus. The way they get into formation looks ridiculously in sync and hard, but really nice to watch.

Another band to look at and remember I guess. So close to that 10/10, but it just did not make it. Such a pity, maybe next time? 9/10

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