Catch Up Review #2 – Epik High

Epik High has finally returned after 2 years. And this comeback has been a favourite with fans, giving the band triple crowns and for once letting them rank pretty high on the charts in this time of the KPOP era. Probably be the one comeback that I agree with the “rated” ban on it, mainly due one of the songs being explicit. So far, the band has released two music videos for three different title tracks. One of them being Born Hater and the other being Happy Ending. I should have reviewed Tablo’s version of Eyes, Nose and Lips, just I think that should be another review on its own.

Born Hater

A pretty interesting song. This song basically brings together some of the biggest rappers in Korean Hip Hop and could potentially be a dream come true for some fans (some of my friends were ecstatic over the fact that this song features big names like Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino and Bobby). This song had just a fine sprinkle of swear words over, not that I have a problem with it. I just found the accent of one rapper pretty funny to listen to. Sadly, you have to be 18 or older to see the music video (well, the actual music video on the offical YouTube channel that is). But if you have not watched the video, the video was shot in a portrait orientation, not sure if I liked it that much, but the liked the use of two sets, but adding extra props and stuff to make it look different each time. As for the product placement in this video… I have to say it was really obvious. Too obvious in fact. 7/10


I actually don’t like this song. (To be honest, I thought the whole comeback and album was a total bore…). There was that once exception of the song above. Just I was not feeling it with these slow songs from the band. This song lacked a lot of appeal for me. I was basically disappointed and got easily distracted. It was really slow this song. The music video was okay. Though, I am a little confused about the plot of the music video. This girl is dating dude 1 and she then breaks up with him. I assume she was depressed with breaking up with him and he was pretty disappointed as well. Then at the end the girl was revealed to be dating another guy. The girl saw the ex and was surprised. The ex saw the girl and started to cry. What I don’t understand is the many scenes in between of their memories. They confused me, especially with the phone. Did they break up cause neither of them were talking, yet there they were waiting for each other? Interesting, but confusing. 4/10

Happy Ending

This song brought Epik High together with a few female artists such as Cho Won Sun from Roller Coaster, Minzy from 2NE1, Suhyun from AKMU, Lee Hi and Younha. I liked this song a lot more than spoiler, mainly because it seemed a little more catchier. The addition of the female voice to this song gave the song a lot more flavour. I liked how the members repeated some of the lyrics as the featuring female artists and I guess that is what made me enjoy the song a lot more. The ending to their performance though seemed so boring. Just standing around the DJ. And was it necessary for the DJ to “mix up” the music for the ending? Cause to me, that ruined the bitter feeling the song. 6/10

Once again, music videos can be seen by clicking on the subtitles (takes you to YouTube). Overall. not the best comeback from Epik High. Don’t Hate Me takes that place honestly and many more of their past songs (like way back in the day). Next batch of reviews are coming soon: theme is … BIG name girl groups. Enjoy!!!



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