Catch Up Review #3 -T-Ara, Sistar, SNSD-TAETISEO

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Welcome back to part 3 of these catch up reviews… Today’s theme is girl groups!!!! So many girl groups came back while I was away and there are so many songs that must be reviewed. It is going to be a long few weeks.

Sugar Free – T-Ara

The first ever Korean group attempting the EDM genre and I think it was a smashing hit. Yes, I said smashing. You have a problem? I liked everything about this song. The vocals were nice and the song was really catchy. Any time I need a song to get my blood rushing, especially exercising, I basically turn to this song because it makes really want to work out to the beat of the song. The instrumental also became my ringtone. The music video fitted the electronic feel that the song has and I think it was a great video. Just, maybe they went a little overboard regarding the flashing lights. I also like the choreography. It is pretty simple and pretty addictive. All that sugar sprinkling everywhere. 10/10

I Swear – Sistar

This song is not the best song on this list, but it sounded a lot better than Touch My Body. That said, the song was your average KPOP song. There is nothing flashy about this and there really isn’t much once again. Though, now there is another member getting blocked out. Bora, along with Dasom gets only one part. Disappointing sometimes. The music video came a little under fire due their similarities with Red Light by Tiesto.Be the judge for yourself and check both music video’s outThe dance is pretty average as well. A lot of turning, but it suited the song and the actual feel of the song, as it gave off that “end of summer” feel to it.  6/10

Holler – SNSD TaeTiSeo

Opposite end of the spectrum now. SNSD TaeTiSeo made their anticipated return. Many people liked their comeback. I sadly did not. I was very disappointed with the song. it was bland and not that appealing. I tried my best to get into it, just really did not sit well with me. The song to me was a lot like an average KPOP song. Not that grand or anything that I expect from a billion dollar company (I might be wrong with my figures). As for the music video, I watched it once. The start of it was interesting and the rest, long forgotten memory. If anything that basically proved how boring it was. The dance was not that memorable. I pretty much prefered Adrenaline over this song. Adrenaline was a much better song. 0/10

Wow, I am so bummed out from writing that. Just came home from dinner and I am so tired. Hahaha.. Next review theme is: BIG name boy groups!!!! See you next time…

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