Catch Up Review #6 – Girl’s Day, Ailee, Spica S

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These girl groups are potentially rising girl groups or rising solo artists (some may argue that they are already there as one of the hottest groups in Korea at this very moment). So of course, I had to review them… Cause they are basically the future of KPOP (no offence to any other bands out there) -runs away from fangirls and fanboys-

I Miss You – Girl’s Day

This song was released in a way to allow the girls to say thank you to the fans recently. On top of that, this is the first major release from the band that is basically a ballad. And this ballad was amazing. The vocals were superb. Sometimes, some groups have very unclear vocals when they sing ballad, but these girls are really clear. I have to say one thing though. The rapping should not have been included. It was autotuned and really did not fit the ballad style. The music video was also quite boring to watch. There really was nothing going on during the video at all, beside the girls remember past memories of their boyfriends. Not really that memorable. And that final scene with the snow. It really was a mismatch with them smiling, when the song and the rest of the video having a really sad mood. 7/10

Don’t Touch Me – Ailee

Ailee should always come out with really strong songs. And these type of songs really compliment her empowering voice making everything sound much better. Her vocals here, once again, are top notch. The chorus was really catchy from the song to the dance. The music video was a disappointment. I expected a little more beside “Ailee” close-ups. The dance was really good, especially at the chorus. Though, something that every single person has asked regarding this comeback, what the *%$? are the back up dancers wearing? Why are they in witches hat and stuff? What is this concept??? WHY??? WHY??? 7/10

Give Your Love – Spica S

This is by far not their memorable comeback to date. Spica S is essentially Spica with Boa missing, so really… But anyway, we all know how vocally powerful the band is but this song fails to highlight this exact skill that the members have. The song really was not a stand out and is something that will be forgotten easily. The music video was over sexualised. Like I don’t see what is so sexy about binding over filing cabinets, filing papers, shredding paper. The dance was okay, nothing really grand or memorable from this area at all. (Though, the rapper can sing and rap). But beside that, this comeback really does not fit into what the girls usually do, and unfortunately, that was a disappointment for me. 3/10

So the next review theme is actually a solo artist that is a part of a girl group. After promotions with her band, Song Ji Eun, made her solo comeback with her first mini album. But more on that tomorrow. See you next time!!!



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