Catch Up Review #7 – Song Ji Eun (Secret)

As many of you guys know how much of a fan I am for Secret, this review has two parts and (sadly), one song will live up to the standard the world has, while the other really does not. I know I know. But as these reviews tend to get a little long, let’s just carry on shall we?

Don’t Look At Me Like That

This song was amazing. I freaking love this song. All of her past singles were always dark themed and had powerful yet emotional lyrics. This song is no different. The vocals were superb. However, let’s take some time to look at the lyrics and the music video. The lyrics were well written with the lyrics hinting towards relationships such as homosexuality, large age gaps and interracial relationships. It was really meaningful and very “on point” as these are relationships that some us hides from. The music video was equally well done. We see Song Ji Eun chained up and put on display. With everyone around her wearing masks, it seems like Song Ji Eun is different in a way. When they see her, they are shock, but then start to bid for her. However, as she struggles, and manages to break free, everyone flees as if they are trying to get away from the different person. This occurs quite a lot in real life and I am pretty sure that many can relate to this. 10/10

Pretty Age 25

Okay, I just want to start off buy saying that this was not the actual comeback I was expecting. Song Ji Eun had multiple comebacks that had a dark themed running through them, yet she made a comeback with a bright song. As you can tell, I was pretty disappointed. However, the song was still pretty catchy but it is definitely not her best song at this very moment. There was another problem. The music video was cutesy and “flower girl” like. The song had this potential to be a sexy style kind of song, so there was this mismatch of ideas I believed. The dancing was okay. It could have been a little more to it. Also, one of the performance that put her in a dress which exposed her shoulders, made her look really skinny. Too skinny to the point where every comment on that one video was concerns over her health. 3/10

Well, now that we got some of the girl groups out of the way and female solo artists, why don’t we move back to boy groups for the next review? Rising boy groups, it is then. See you next time!!!

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