Catch Up Review #9 – AOA, Hello Venus, Zhou Mi (Super Junior M) – Celebrating 500 reviews…

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Finally getting to the end of these reviews.  Did you know that I am actually not writing them up and posting them straight away? I am currently on holidays…. But hey, at least I got these scheduled out over the time I am going. Just I expected these to be done by Wednesday night, and here I am on Thursday… But yeah, there are 11 of these catch up reviews, so two more to go. Let’s do this!!!


This is a recent song that came out last week. This song is a really catchy song and is basically a more fun version of their song that boosted them to popularity (Miniskirt). This is the song that I was waiting for. It is really upbeat and probably top all of their previous songs. I have one complaint, but Jimin’s introduction still sound whiny and her voices annoys me when I listen to the song. The music video is where the girls try to break into the vault to steal the diamonds. Firstly, the dude has too many tattoos. Secondly, some of the girl’s jobs are werid. Why is the girl in the air ducts playing phone games and manage to knock herself out with the gas? Why isn’t she crawling away? As for Jimin, she would have better off using a gun rather than the whip. The dance fitted the song title really well, and I actually like the dance. 8/10

Sticky Sticky – Hello Venus

This song was very boring. There is nothing appealing from the song. Well beside the cow bells. I don’t know why I am so drawn into the cow bells for? The bridge of the song, really did not fit in with the rest of the song. The music video was really boring. The dance was equally boring as well. I think Hello Venus needs to go back to their Venus or past concepts. They got popular using those concepts, so why change now? 0/10

Rewind – Zhou Mi (Super Junior M)

This probably has to be one of the catchiest songs of the 2014 year. “Stop, rewind, rewind” is the one line that is stuck in my head at this very moment. The chorus is pretty catchy. I prefer the Korean version over the Chinese version for this song. Mainly because Chanyeol’s rap suit the song more rather than Tao’s rap. There really is not much of a plot with the music video. Mainly of Zhou Mi remembering his lover. That or him being shirtless of the ending of the video. That probably got fan girls screaming or fainting. The dance was also pretty cool as well. The sharp movements and the “rewinding” motion fitted the song really well and made the dance pretty memorable in my head. 9/10

Next set of reviews are girls groups. Well, these were the girl groups that I promised that I would review such as Ladies Code, BESTie and Tiny G. See you next time!!! Let’s hope for another hundred review guys!!!!

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