Catch Up Review #8 – Teen Top, BTOB, VIXX, Boyfriend

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These groups are seen as the next generation boy bands and are currently rising to be the next top boy groups in South Korea. And this review consist of 4 songs, let’s move along now.

Missing – Teen Top

To fans out there, I am going to apologise to you guys. This song was much a bore for me. It was not appealing. I just listened to it once and then forgot about it. The vocals were so so and the rapping was okay, however it was not as great as Teen Top’s last song Rocking. The music video was pretty dark. I have to give points for such an amazing set though, which enhanced the darkness. From what I can see, CAP and this girl used to go out, but then CAP got a little addicted to partying or something, which caused his girlfriend to break off. He then (and I only assume) takes his life. L.Joe is a friend of both (as per seen in flashbacks) and is deeply sadden by both the death of his friend but also sadden to see the girl sad. He helps her get back on their feet, however both cannot forget CAP. Fortunately enough, L.Joe and the girl realized that both are there for each other and bond. The dance was pretty cool, however it just felt empty. 4/10

Witch – Boyfriend

This song has a latin feel to it, which makes it sound pretty nice. The “Cause your body goes boom bara boom” is pretty catchy. The music video on the other hand… The band suits the dark theme (why haven’t they attempted this when they debuted?) but the acting in this is so horrible. Everything was exaggerated from what I saw.  That final fight scene, made the whole group look so pathetic. Moving away from the music video. The dance was phenomenal. The use of the curtains made the whole thing fresh and original. I was so amazed. And the curtains were not just in the background, they were used to cover up the people not dancing or singing. Just wow… 5/10 (most taken away because of the video, but the song is definitely one to check out.)

You’re So Fly – BTOB

This is a pretty catchy song. It just lacked the ability to be very memorable. I honestly expected something like Beep Beep, which had a more serious tone to it. Though, the vocals and rapping were okay, just they don’t yell out at me. The music video is protrayed in a humorous way, where the shop keeper tries to get the boys to recognise the beauty in the more “ugly” girls. And she does this by giving them coffee. Poor Sungjae though, only getting one drop and hence the love potion not working on him. Dance was also pretty cool. And I guess chairs are the new trend. 6/10

Error – VIXX

I think I am starting to become addicted with this band. Every title (note the word title) song that they released, I get strangely addicted to. However this song, really does not have that VIXX feel that we all know of. Though, the vocals are pretty good as per usual. The music video for this song tells a story of this dude (Hongbin) and his lover. The lover dies, and Hongbin decides to create a robot version of the lover, to save him from the pain. Everything works out, just the authorities come in and finds out that the lover robot is illegal. Hongbin saves her from the authorities and then take their lives to be together forever. Great acting from the characters though.  The dancing here was really cool, especially the ending where they pull the plugs out of their necks. 7/10

Ahhh.. finally. Done this review. The next review actually does not have a theme to it. Sadly. However, I can tell you that AOA, Hello Venus and Zhou Mi from Super Junior M will be reviewed. See you then!!!

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