Catch Up Review #11 – LABOUM, Mamamoo, EXID


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Finally, another review after so long. Hahaha.. Thought I dropped out unannounced again did you and return in like 5 months? Hahahahaha… No silly, I just returned from a well deserved holiday and the MAMA awards were on last night, so I guess I skipped writing a review for like 3 days or so. However, now I am back and writing more reviews more than ever, and that is promise I make, after I return from my other holiday. Only kidding. Long reviews today so let’s go!

What About You – LABOUM

LABOUM is a new group in the industry. As there are so many new groups coming into the industry, I don’t get any chances to review them, because there are so many groups debuting and making their comeback at the same time. Fortunately, I finally got to review this group, just with their first comeback song. This song is so freaking good. The song is catchy and likewise all of the songs in today’s review is really catchy. It is a song that I have been playing on the loop consistently. The rapping was so so but the vocals were superb. As for the music video, there really was nothing there and I was quite disappointed with that. It was just the girls acting all distant and doll-like during the whole video. As for the dance, I really liked how they took the “doll” concept and made the dance around it. It was really cool and amazing. 7/10

Piano Man – Mamamoo

Mamamoo is back and wow, this song really raises the bar. How are these girls not freaking getting awards yet, really beats me. This whole comeback blew my mind. The song was really addictive and catchy. This song impresses me. The vocals and the rapping did the job wonderfully. The girls harmonised really well and showcased their vocals. I was blown away with this song. As for the music video, it reminded me a lot of Secret’s Poison, just without the sex appeal and the violence. However, it was a little dull to watch. We see Gongchan from B1A4 getting drawn into the girls throughout the music video. Not really exciting.  As for the dance, I liked how they mimicked the instruments used in the song and also its simplicity. 10/10. 

Up & Down – EXID

EXID is finally back after a disappearance of nearly 2 years and this time it seems they have finally started to get more recognition then before. More on that later. This song is hella addictive and really fun to listen (and sing) to. Though, this song is LE dominated for like 80% of it, I thought the whole song, from vocals to rap, was amazing. As for the music video, wow. It was really suggestive towards the male sexual organ. Well, that or I have a really dirty mind. Overall, I love the music video. I love the half body idea and since the same director directed this music video and also Orange Caramel’s recent videos, the music video had that Orange Caramel feel to it. As for the dance. It was amazing. It was deemed as sexy, however this time, I kind of agree with it. This dance however, is what the band is now officially known for. EXID is now ranking on the charts in the top 10 because a fancam of member Hani dancing to the song at an event. Now they are due to retrun to the stage, a few months after the song is released, they are going viral. 10/10

THIS IS IT. IT IS OVER. The catchy up reviews are finally done. I can now sit back and write the next 45 reviews at a slow pace (however one that gets you guys to read consistently). Thank you for staying this long with me and now I hand you back to the normal reviews. See you tomorrow!!!

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