Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms – HIGH4 ft. IU

Another popular song from the year 2014. And another collaboration between a new group and a soloist who has been known for her many great hits such as Good Day, U & I and Red Shoes. IU, the soloist, collaborated with the new boy band HIGH4. HIGH4 consists of 4 members: Alex, Sunggyu, Myunghan & Youngjun. They made their official debut with Headache back in August. They had also collaborated with Lim Kim.

I think it is right to describe this song as a really soft song. IU has strong vocals and since I never heard of this HIGH4 band before, I thought it was going a pop song or something that has really strong vocals. I was not disappointed when I heard the song though. The song still worked really well. I told myself many times to download the song, but I never went through with that. Mainly because I was watching leaves fall down in Autumn, not watching Cherry Blossoms grow in Spring. This song also sounds really sweet and is a song that I would listen in Spring. Their voices sound really nice together and IU’s voice sounds really cute. The guys sound exceptional, especially since they are singing at a higher pitch than what they are usually singing at. I won’t say the rapping made the song awkward like I always used to. I thought the rapping was really good. It complimented the song. Also, I loved the huskiness in their voices, both HIGH4’s and IU’s. They added something extra to the song.

The music video was okay. It looked very simple and nice. I liked how despite it being a very simple video, the end product made it look really sophisticated. To some people, it may look dull and really cheap, but the white sets look really amazing and I find that they were an artistic way of representing the evening sky and night sky. I just love the transitions into certain scenes, like when IU throws the ice cream and the dude (sorry, haven’t learnt names yet) catches it. Also, I loved the car. It seemed a little “flat” to drive around, but it looked really cute. For a song about Cherry Blossoms, there was very little cherry blossoms, I thought. Until the end, where there was all these cherry blossoms.

There was a dance. And even though it suited the song, was a dance necessary? Cause the song and music video worked very well together already.

Another collaboration done and dusted. 2014 is definitely full of collaborations. Good to know that I won’t be reviewing anymore collaborations, so be thankful for that. Hahahaha… 9.6/10

However, as the new year is coming up (don’t forget about Christmas) the 2014 reviews are coming to an end. Just wait, because I have reviews for Park Hyo Shin, Sunny Hill, UNIQ and Lovelyz coming up. Also the Christmas songs review is coming up (on XMAS day). Lastly, the BOBs and End Of Year Charts will be released. End of 2014 is going to busy.

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