Here I Am – Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is back with a new single for us to hear. Emotional ballads were the past. Now we can move onto songs that are still emotional, however with a twist.

This song was interesting. Though, the music video looked liked it was more of a ballad, I was taken by surprised. I expected a full on slow yet really sad song, something like Pray by Sunny Hill. However instead I got a ballad, mashed up with an electronic  and dance song. Though, it may sound a little odd, it is still a pretty neat song to listen to. I just love how the song literally builds up to the chorus. I love how the song just changes, like every minute we just don’t know what is really going to be heard next.  The vocals in the song were really well done. That little rap sequence (can we call it that) during the bridge flowed really well with the song. Overall, the song sounded really nice and it was very different, yet it still maintained its emotional style.

The music video was also quite interesting. Basically, at the start we see a couple break up. From that point onwards, we see the girl have a hard time trying to forget about her love. She seeks the help of hypnosis to make her forget the ex boyfriend. Interesting plot. I just love the twist at the end when she wakes up, exactly like the scene earlier in the video and acts as if nothing was happen (ie. she lost that memory of her boyfriend). I also like certain scenes in the music video like the one where she makes two cups of coffee, but turns around to only realize that  there was only her. Also the scene with the angels wings, when the dude walked past first and the girl walked past later. Pretty amazing.

Song and music video were superb. I am literally amazed at how Sunny Hill pulls out all these great songs and video ideas for their comeback. I know that there would be a director of some kind doing most of the stuff, but still, Sunny Hill deserves some recognition. 9/10


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