Falling In Love – UNIQ

Another newly debut band. So many debuts this year. My head hurts counting them. UNIQ is a new group created by Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment and YG Entertainment. UNIQ consist of Yixuan, Sungjoo, Wenhan, Seungyoun and Yibo. Their debut song, Falling In Love, was released in both Chinese, English (at a much later date) and Korean. They later went on to release Born To Fight and Celebrate, both English songs for American movies released recently.

This song is pretty good. Though, the song sounds suspiciously familiar to me, I was rather impressed. It did lack appeal to me though. The dubstep sounds in the back (or actually the electronic sounds) kind of got to me and annoyed me a little bit. They really did not compliment the actual vocals or rapping in the song, sometimes getting a little ahead of the singers. The chorus was moderately catchy, but the way they say “Falling In Love” has some kind of ring to it which made me go back. I don’t know. I am a little weird today. Writing up two reviews in one day is not exactly fun. Hahaha… Overall, despite my little complaints, the song came together quite well. The boys honestly can try a little something different time, as this really holds back their vocals, but still, good song.

The music video was meh. Could have been way better. The sets look amazing, but the plot that the music video had (or what seemed to be a plot) was really boring. Honestly, there is nothing to talk about this video. Flashing lights distracted me again (what is the connection with car parks and flashing lights?) and why perform next to cars? Are you showing off how rich you are? Or is it just for looks?This year there is a lot of use of those fire sticks. They look good, just I am going to find them boring if all boy groups are going to use them in their video. Okay, I am dragging this out. Long story short, boring video.

The dance was not that memorable. It suited the song, just it really did not get into my memory and made me go back to the performance and re-watch it so many times.

An okay song for debut. Music video and dance really was not great for a debut. Okay, this is my final review for the year. I will be reviewing some Christmas KPOP songs, however, this will be the final review of the year that I will be giving a rating. The next review will be released some time in 2015, probably around 2nd or 3rd (if there is a song that is not Christmas themed coming out around that time).  5.25/10

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