Candy Jelly Love – Lovelyz

Lovelyz is a 7 member girl group that recently debuted in Korea last month. The band consist of members Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sejeong and Yein. It was unfortunate that the newly debut band actually faced some issues with rumours of a member even before their official debut,  however they made their debut as if nothing had happened. Just the were missing one member. Let’s hope that one member will return to the stage later on!!!

This was a weak song to debut with. There is not other “beating around the bush” way of saying it. It just did not appeal to me. A debut song should be a song that stands out and makes people go wow. This isn’t such a song and I am quite disappointed. Actually, no. It seemed so standard of a normal song that I actually did not even touch it. It seemed generic and boring to listen to. The vocals were not that great to me. Yeah, that really summed up my feelings of the song for me. Did not like the song, despite listening to it a couple of times.

Another boring video. Though this one seems little more bright and colourful than some others. I love the colourful bouncing balls. However, the rest of the video just did not cut it out for me. The school girl concept has been done a little too much in the past few years (and that also goes for school boys concept). The acting seemed a little awkward and some of the scenes were cute, just the facial expressions made me think that they were actually being forced to do it. Talking about faces, I actually don’t get the hype about this rookie group. To be honest, some of the members are not that pretty. Was that last statement rude? I think it was. Sorry 😦

It seems like this group has the potential to be like Infinite. Their dance moves was pretty much in sync, which is pretty cool. Maybe the female Infinite will be coming very soon? Just the name kind of makes it sound weird then…

Overall, not the right way to debut. Most debut that wows us tend to be groups that are popular. Let’s hope that these girls can pick up at the next comeback or change their style (but no sexy concepts please). 3.6/10

3 thoughts on “Candy Jelly Love – Lovelyz

  1. Dirty… To quote Miryo, are the scumbag lyricists.

    Funny how Jisoo,”of all people” says come….


    The 5 is for the poor girls.:-(


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