Wiggle Wiggle – Hello Venus

Hello Venus made their comeback with a new song, Wiggle Wiggle, being on the first bands to make their comeback for 2015. The song, along with the dance that accompanies it, has become a topic of discussion amongst fans and other listeners as well. They previously made their comeback with Sticky Sticky. It seems like they are taking the repetition seriously.

This song is surprisingly nice to listen to. However there were some major downfalls to the song. Firstly, the really high pitch singing. Really. This song had so much style and potential. However, instead the producers wrote the song with a really high pitch sound that make it unappealing. Imagine this song with vocals like in Sticky Sticky. To me it would have sounded a lot better. Secondly, that “screaming” as some people dub it. Yeah, it could have been better. It felt mismashed in this song, however at the same time it had its own style. The rapping was really good and I thought the chorus (minus the high pitch already pointed out) was pretty good as well. Overall, the song had so much potential. It just was lead in the wrong direction.

There is no music video. Sad, but there was no video that I could find. Except for the teaser.

Am I the first person to actually enjoy the twerking in this dance? Cause to me, it made sense. Cause I don’t think you can wiggle wiggle other parts of the body that well. Hahahaha… And this is basically another sexy concept done right for me. It makes sense to use it. Duh???

Disappointing that there was no music video. The song could have been way better, yet the dance was really awesome. 6.2/10

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