Day By Day – HIGH4

HIGH4 recently returned with a new song, Day By Day.

This song is a really simple yet classy song to listen to. The addictive piano beat is what I like about the song. If you have followed me for a while, you probably know I dig a lot of songs that have the classical influence in them. As the song progresses, there is also a more modern influence emerging. The vocals and rapping all contribute to a sad and sorrowful side of the band. The song basically talks about how daily life becomes hard after a break up with someone we love. I have to be honest though. Even if I dig parts of the song, I kind of still felt it was very monotone and boring to listening to. The rapping was the only thing that changed up the song.

The music was sot in a very dark setting. Well more like the computer did a lot of edit and put everything into grayscale except for highlighting certain dark colours. Plus the music video was shot in a room that basically was black.  But I like how the lyrics describe the painful progression of daily life after a break up and how they used the exact same things in the music video. Most of the time nothing really matches up in a KPOP music video. Them crying at the end of the music video made sense but at the same time kind of looked awkward. Well to me at least. Overall, a nice video.

I like how the dance suited the speed of the music and changed as it went on. It went from soft to a pretty sharp dance. Also liked the move with the final rapper (Sorry, it is very hard to learn names), how they put the hands in front of the rapper and then disperse.

Overall, it was a nice comeback. Much different to Headache which was light-hearted and more colourful compared to this comeback. 8.3/10

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