Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) – Jonghyun (SHINee) ft. Iron

Jonghyun from SHINee is the next member to go solo. Not permanently, but as a side job. For his solo debut, he has enlisted the help of big names in the Korean music industry such as Zion T, Younha, Wheesung and Iron, who featured in the title track and the song being reviewed. For those who don’t know, Iron is also the same rapper who has featured in Hyorin and Jooyoung’s collaborative track: Erase. Back to the SHINee part, there has been speculation that the solo debut projects of both Jonghyun and Taemin are leading up to the official comeback of the SHINee later in the year. Nothing is confirmed yet, so I guess we might need to sit and wait.

This is another okay song. It sounds artistic and nice and all, but to me, his high pitch sounds are really off putting. It has that Jonghyun feel to it. It just does not appeal to me as other songs. I honestly expected Jonghyun to go with a dance number or a ballad. Instead we got this odd sounding Rnb sound. Though he can pull it off, it just does not appeal to me. It shows me he can sing, just it does not showcase his amazing vocals that we all know him to have. The song really does not have that much going on in it. The instrumental is not that special. Without Jonghyun’s voice, it lacks a lot. The rapper did a pretty good job in this song. He fitted into the song pretty well and complimented Jonghyun’s voice. Just overall the song was okay, just not the song I expected Jonghyun to have.

This music video is basically a fan girl’s dream. Imagine a shirtless KPOP star with nice abs being chained up with a huge spider crawling down! Wait! Don’t imagine that last part. Just imagine the KPOP star with abs chained up. That spider was unexpected and I did not notice it until after someone pointed it out in the comments. I like the use of the band. Once again, I know though lights are meant to be for artistic purposes, but I dislike them. To me, they are an eye sore and high distracting. The video was dark but I have to admit those lights gave it something else. A different feel to it, I think. At least we get to see that the girl is making him go crazy in this video. It fits in with the song and its title.

Wow, did not expect to write so much. I was hoping for a SHINee come back for quite some time and hope for one after this! Especially what has been happening with all the groups in SM, at least there is 1 stable group. 4.8/10

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