Fire – Mad Clown ft. Jinsil (Mad Soul Child)

Mad Clown has returned to the stage with a brand new song and a brand new artist featuring in his songs. Mad Clown has, previously used the likes of Hyorin and Soyu from Sistar as singers featuring in his songs. Now he has enlisted the help of Jinsil (Mad Soul Child) and EXID’s Hani for his latest release. Jinsil featured in the song, while Hani featured in music video. And he has officially hit the top of the charts, nearly getting the first perfect all kill of the year. But hey, he has been ranking quite strongly on the charts, knocking off and holding first position for quite some time.

This song is actually pretty nice. I have this thing with hip hop that really annoys me and that is that I don’t like hip hop or rap songs like this. But Mad Clown is totally different for me. His songs are nice to listen to and I don’t find his voice cocky or that hard compared to other artists. This song talks about the man who is driven insane by his partner but still remains with her. Jinsil’s voice is also quite interesting. Kind of annoying in my point of view, but at the same time, I guess that is what it is meant to do considering the lyrics. But I like her featuring overall in the song. It sounds quite nice and the voices have a lot of chemistry with each other.

The music video does exactly what the lyrics say. The female partner played by Hani from EXID drives the male partner, played by Mad Clown, insane. It is pretty damn good. Though, I don’t know why she is lip syncing. I am sure putting Jinsil in the music video singing would not have hurt, but I don’t really have anything to say about it. The music video was quite nice, though there was too much unbalance in the scenes. Most of the scenes are Hani driving Mad Clown insane, yet we only get one or two scenes of Mad Clown trying to push her away or drive her insane. But beside, it was a nice video to watch.

Notice that there hasn’t much of a dance for the reviews recently. Odd. But overall, comeback was amazing. little complaints from this fan. 9/10



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