Playground – UKISS

UKISS is now officially back on the stage. After almost one year of not being heard of, UKISS with their new member Jun are back with their 10th mini album. Wow. It just seems like we are missing AJ and the group will be complete. Their last single, Quit Playing, saw the spotlight on them for being the first male KPOP band to be forced to change their sensual choreography. It seems this time, they toned it way down. I also believe since their last single, they have been quite busy in Japan.

This song is pretty good. I was a little disappointed with the song when I first heard it. UKISS is known for their dancing and really catchy songs. This just did not fit them at all. But since then I have grown to love the song. Mainly because a wish from any fan was to hear Jun sing and rap more in a song. Though I am a little disappointed that Eli might disappear into the background, Eli still does a good job. Jun’s rapping may have gotten me a little confused. That dude is meant to be younger than me, but he sounds like someone at Eli’s age (not trying to offend anyone). The RnB feel of the song was nice. The vocals were strong. You can tell Kiseop and the rest of the band are maturing and improving greatly. I love the “du du du du” part Kevin sings. It just sums the song up really well. I believe the song talks about memories or a girl coming back to them.

Another classic Korean music video where the group acts sad. And we only get close ups of the members. There are a few things that I don’t get though. Why are we wasting ice-cream? That is like my main concern. Ahhh… I hope that ice-cream was eaten, not thrown away. I could use something to nom nom right now. That ice cream looks damn fine. And secondly, what is it with being sad and being in a bathtub with your shirt on still? Are you that sad to not be able to take your shirt off before you go into a bath tub??? (Yes, I understand that Jun is a minor still. Shirt off may not have been a possibility, however why not change the roles around with some other member? Kiseop? Everyone would like that!) That being said, I had nothing to talk about in the music video, so i decided to poke fun at it.

This dance was freaking amazing. The use of the handkerchiefs were a really nice addition to the song. Though, I have to be honest, I hate the suits. They don’t look nice at all. Well, since I am speaking honestly, they are more like an eye sore to me.

Overall, a nice comeback that had to grow on me to like it. The song was quite nice and the dance was really good. 7.3/10

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