Not An Easy Girl – Lizzy (After School)

Another After School solo debut. Raina made her debut last year with a ballad song. On top of that, Orange Caramel, the famous subunit of the After School girl group had a very busy year in 2014. The next member to go solo is Lizzy. And she is the first member of the band to attempt the trot genre. For those who don’t know, trot is the Korean folk music genre. It’s a genre that I don’t look at that much and this probably is the first trot song ever that I have reviewed. Forgive me if I am wrong. I have done over 500 reviews, so it is very easy to lose track of the songs I have reviewed.

Like I said before, I don’t review much trot songs on here. To be honest, I don’t listen to them at all. That being said, this song did not appeal to me. Not that I hate it or have anything against the folk genres. Just it just feels like any other folk song and lacks the appeal that modern music nowadays have. Her vocals are pretty good to be honest. After School and Pledis promotes Lizzy as a person who cannot sing and relies heavily on autotune. This song points out to everyone that she can sing. Her vocals may not be strong as other singers, however if she can sing a whole song by herself without her voice going funny, then that is pretty good. The rapping really did not fit in with the song. For those who don’t know, Jung Hyung Don featured in the song for like 10 seconds and rapped in it. Really did not fit in with the song.

The music video was intelligently shot. From what I gather from information, the director took a famous Korean historic drama and photoshopped (or videoshopped) Lizzy face over the lead actress. So basically it has everyone thinking that this was all recently shot, but nope. The music video was shot as a drama years ago and using technology today, we get this music video. Using the trusty help of YouTuber commenters, the drama Seong Chunhyang from 1961. That being said, check out the cool video. Though you may not like the plot behind it (Don’t ask me, I get confused when it comes to movies or dramas), you will be guaranteed to think about the way the music video was shot or edited.

There is a dance to this and from what I can see, it fits the trot genre perfectly. Beside that, I can’t really comment on the dance.

Overall, it was a good debut. I honestly think Lizzy can go for something a little more “out of this world”. Like follow the style of Orange Caramel. Because obviously we all want more After School and Orange Caramel in our lives. 5.1/10

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