Child In Time – Sunny Hill

The return of the queens. Sunny Hill has returned to the stage with Part 2 of their first album, titled as Sunny Blues. While the first part of the album focuses on more of the pop and fun songs, the second part of their album went on to focused on the ballads to which Sunny Hill are quite well known for. An interesting fact is that Sunny Hill debuted in 2007. Their first album (this album) was released 7 years later. Many still believe that they are a brand new band, just they are like seniors in the industry.

This song is pretty good. I like it how Sunny Hill always addresses various topic instead of the mainstream love topic that songs always have. Sure, they mention it, but their focus is more on travelling back in time and reliving the moments that they loved the most during their childhood and adolescents. Their vocals are really good. There is no rapping. just pure singing from the girls and they all have such nice voices. Though to be honest, the song is on the boring side just a little. The instrumental, though it fitting the feel and emotion of the song, really lacked colour. That flute (I think that is what it is) was really annoying at some parts.

There are two music videos. One is the actual drama version, while the other one is the “lip version”. It just baffles me why there are so many different version so the music videos in the industry. And sometimes, they get weird. Like the “eye contact” one. I like the drama version. It fits the meaning of the songs. Though the character does not directly go back in time, she goes back in time to the time frame where she was growing up. It seems like she created numerous scenarios during her time as a teacher for her younger self, which I am not sure if someone else did when she was actually young, like how the boy confessed to loving her. Also, like doesn’t anyone seem a little troubled to why the teacher grew so close to the young girl? Like why the teacher approached the young girl and proceeded to take her out to the arcade and stuff? It also seems like the father noticed the teacher was actually his daughter. It was a nice scene to be honest, but 100% the younger girl does not agree.

Overall, it is a nice comeback. The song was pretty good and the music video fitted with the lyrics really well. 9.5/10

2 thoughts on “Child In Time – Sunny Hill

  1. Good song, Sunny hill always hits me where I live!

    Glad they are no longer Co Ed!

    Goodbye to Romance still my top fav.


    1. Even though I like their ballads, I really want them to go back to their Midnight Circus and Grasshopper days. Those songs made Sunny Hill stand out for me and they were awesome concepts.


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