Cold Rain – 4Minute

4Minute is making their comeback in a few more days. But to kick off promotions and to get fans wanting more, the band released a pre-release. The pre-release comes in a form of a ballad, which is a first for the band, who are known for their pop songs. They have been releasing teasers for their upcoming release, which actually looks like the girls are not going to be holding back and will be attempting something along the lines of a hip hop track and showing off their fierce women vibes. Until then, this is their newest release.

This is a nice ballad. Though, I honestly don’t think this is something that the band should re-attempt. It is not bad. Don’t misunderstand me. But honestly, this feels very disconnected to the 4Minute that we know of. Even though they are attempting something different, I feel like they won’t be as successful with such a song. Another thing we must address, this song is so focused on Gayoon and Jiyoon, that I feel like the other members had no parts at the start, so the writers just wrote something up and added it to the song. Maybe I am exaggerating it, but I get that feel when Sohyun comes on. The line distribution is basically 60% Gayoon, 20% Jiyoon, 5% Jihyun, 10% Hyuna and 5% Sohyun. It just frustrates me. But anyway, this song was nice. It did have that really sad emotion pouring out of it. I liked Gayoon’s vocals at the very start. The way she sang gave the song a very nice kick to it.

Once again, people are going off at how a band is copying another band. “4Minute is copying 2NE1 this time around for their music video“. Seriously? There are a few things that I want to say to these fans. a) 2NE1 did not MAKE this idea. Why don’t we start asking why 2NE1 copied over ballad singers for Missing You? Look 2NE1 sat down on a chair, why don’t we say that 2NE1 copied Davichi who also sat on a chair to sing their ballad? b) 4Minute videos actually has very a sadder touch to it. 2NE1’s video had a dancer dancing to the song, while in this video we don’t have a dancer at all. In this 4Minute video, we see the girls stand behind a glass window and have water come down it. Why are some fans so stupid? I Just… urghhhh…

Okay, recap. I think this music video is much sadder. I love the use of “rain” in this music video. It made the song have more emotion and gave a deeper meaning to the song. The fact that the environment seems cold and distant from warmth, really brings out the sad nature of the song. I love the use of the “water down the window”. It gave the girls a more dramatic look. The start where Gayoon rips the letter, gives it some sort of eerie feel when I first watched it. Overall, I thought the video did a good job at channelling the emotion of the song.

Nice ballad (could work a lot more on line distribution for any future song), nice video (fans should not be too sensitive. Cause it makes me frustrated to know that there are such people in the wordld). Not 100% sure if 4Minute should do this style again though. 8/10

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