Crazy – 4Minute

4Minute is officially back with their sixth mini album, titled as Crazy. Their title song, which happens to have the same title as their mini album. They released their other song, Cold Rain, back in late January and will be launching their promotions this week for the new mini album. This time around, the group has gone for a hip hop concept, rather than their past retro or pop sounding songs.

Okay, part of me likes the song. Another part of me thinks this song is not so good. I just love it how they have gone for that hip hop concept with this song. It has this fierce feel to it which sounds really empowering and strong. The vocals and rap by the members do just that. I can definitely imagine this song at a club. Actually, it will be a really big club song. But as I said, what happened to the 4Minute we know of? The one with disco feels and poppish roots? Even though the chorus sounds amazing, I really can’t help but point out the odd instrumental. Though, it probably some country’s national instrument, it really feels disconnect to the rest of the song. I guess this song has a better line distribution overall, compared to Cold Rain. Just Jihyun gets only one part, but that part seems quite long, so I guess that makes up for it.

I freaking love this music video. It just ticks off the check box for best music video. I really love the set. Well, the main one is the one I am talking about. But when they do the 360 camera (kind of), to show that it is just one big, white room, just blew my mind. The black room feels more compact and suffocating compared to the white room. The close up of butts and private parts were really not needed in this video. I love how they used the black and white filter once again, but on top of that isolated one colour from the whole screen, like Jiyoon’s hair and Sohyun’s red socks. Talking about hair, Jiyoon rocks the green hair.

As for the dance, I thought it matched the song very well. It seems powerful and also “straight to the point”. Twerking nowadays seems quite cliché.

Overall, this is a really big change for the band. But either way, it is still good (even though I have some doubts). 9/10

5 thoughts on “Crazy – 4Minute

  1. I thought they were hip hop?

    EXID,4 minute,21NE, A.KOR,Wassup,SONAMOO and tiny g all on one stage, hmmm…..

    Hyuna is getting over after, Red 4 minute may loose a member.


    1. I always thought them to be more pop, especially after What’s Your Name and Whatcha Doing?

      Hyuna is a member of the group that I am not sure about. She is successful when it comes to solos, however she has expressed in the pass that she prefers promoting as a group than solo.


      1. But what’s one puppets opinion to the puppetmasters?

        4 minute will probably go a year without her then go on hiatus, while they ship her to America, to capitalize on her new fame, then, she’ll come back after 2 years and 4 minute will reunite.

        Jus sayin.


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