Humanoids – TVXQ

Let’s throwback to a few years ago. I hate that word so much. But let’s travel back in time. Last year, I did the same thing for one whole week. That was a fun week. So why not repeat it this year? TVXQ is a two member group that is quite famous. If you have not heard of them, wow. Only kidding. But last year TVXQ made their comeback with Something. Removing all Japanese singles, their previous song promoted before Something was actually Humanoids. It has been a song that I wanted to review for some time, however I have been putting it off so much.  Finally, TODAY is the day that I will be reviewing it. And I need to do more TVXQ reviews.

This song is really amazing. Like, I never liked them before, but this song was freaking amazing. I didn’t enjoy their first song, Catch Me, for this particular promotional run. But Humanoids really changed my perspective on them. And Humanoids was so freaking underrated. It barely got any recognition and just disappeared from the scene. This is basically their first or second try at dubstep and electronic rather than their classical and orchestra heavy songs like Before You Go. And boy, was that promising. I really enjoyed the chorus. The only thing that changed throughout the song was their vocals, which gave them so much space to move in terms of musical ability. The chorus was like them taking it back to their orchestral days, but the instrumental kept is as a more modern song. Their vocals were superb in this song. I also liked those parts after the chorus, kind of them rapping, but it was no rap. Their bridge fitted the song’s overall fell and complimented the chorus. Yeah, there goes me praising the song again.

I don’t like the music video. That “plot” in this video is useless. The video would have been just fine if the music video was just them dancing in their box sets. Cause honestly, I don’t want to talk about the scrap metal yard they are in and the mysterious port-key (Harry Potter Fans, what up?) or projecting machines (for muggles). Their dancing is really solid. It does not blow your mind like previous TVXQ dances, but it still does the job. I like how parts of the dance is like how robots would march and there were quite a lot of robotic formations in the dance. Lastly, I really liked what they wore. I don’t pay attention to fashion as much, but their jackets were really cool. Wonder where I can get one to wear? It is going to get chilly in Melbourne soon.

Overall, the song and dance were amazing. Just the music video needs to be scrapped. 7.5/10

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