Love Equation – VIXX

Despite being on stage just a few months ago with Error, VIXX has returned to the stage in 2015. But I agree with everyone. You can never have too much VIXX. But seriously, these poor boys (and it is not just these boys. Countless other idol groups, big or small) are probably working their asses off to get their name in place within the industry. Big name bands usually have only 1 or two comebacks within a year with massive gaps in between. This allows them to focus on individual work and rest. And that is one downside to the industry. Wait, this is now a rant? Okay. I shall end here. Bottom line: VIXX is working extremely hard and they deserve a break. Maybe not as bad as 2013 was a more hectic year. And maybe not to the extent that B.A.P needed a break. But still, they are pretty tired.

This is a remake of the 1995 of R.ef’s hit single Farewell Formula. And for those who don’t know, R.ef was a widely known group back in the day, though I don’t think they are active anymore. Though I have not heard the original song yet, I am going to take a massive stab in the dark that VIXX’s version is going to be modern and sound quite similar to the original. At the same time, I believe Ravi wrote the rap to the song, which was a great addition because that “Ha Ha Ho Ho” part of the rap was freaking amazing. Actually, all the members stood out for once. For a moment, I was kind of concerned that Hongbin was the only member to get one part of the song but my worries were at ease when I saw the live performances. Ken’s high notes just keep on getting higher and pretty sure is competing against Leo for the best high note belt-er. The English in this song really needs to be worked on. “Love is incomplete” but when Ravi says it: “Love is incompetent”? Also “Love Ekation” kind of made me go insane. Not making fun of his poor English, just it needs a little more work.

The music video is okay. Damn, I miss the dark side of VIXX time and time again when I see concepts like this. But then again, they bring in fresh air for those who quickly tire of the same old thing time and time again. I guess they went for the “boy next door” image this time around. They played basketball, played video games. However, they are reminded of the past with their exs. N got rejected in the video, while Ken was completely heartbroken when he realized his girlfriend was not next to him anymore. I have no idea what Hongbin was doing. He seemed to be un-phased (at the start of the video only) about the whole love idea. He was later reminded of his love when he packed all the things that belonged to her away though. Hyuk, on the other end, tried his best to make Ravi happy. But something tells me that he made Ravi go a little to the angry side. Overall, the video was light and fun, which is fitting to the song. It was a little boring, but it did its job pretty well.

As for the dance. I liked it. It was difficult like VIXX’s normal dances and had a VIXX feel to it. I love it how they included the Error concept in this dance as well. A big part of the choreography (and I kid you not) is the amount of smiles made by Leo at the camera.  Though N looks a lot serious now, so I don’t really know anymore.

That was a long review. I badly want to review Memory off their mini album this time. That song was totally an amazing song on the mini album. But nevertheless, the comeback was pretty good. Changed up from their signature dark concepts, but still pretty solid. 8/10

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