Sniper – Shinhwa

I, once again, apologise fro my absence. I try to tell you before hand, but sometimes, work just gets the better of you. But now it is the weekend and some time has popped up for this.

Shinhwa is back on the stage once again. Way back, like two years ago, I ended reviewing their song: This Love. I wasn’t a big fan of it. Hopefully, this time around they did a much better job at this song. Anyway, so we all know how long Shinhwa has been around. They debuted back in 1998 and have been going strong since (minus their hiatus in the middle of that time period). Back in 2013, member Andy Lee went on a hiatus for a gambling scandal and this makes his first promotions with the group since his scandal at the end of 2013. (In other words, he wasn’t around with the band in 2014).

When I first heard the teaser, I just wanted those damn whistles is the song. They cowboy kind of sound made it really awesome and something that was very different and probably never done before in the industry. The whistles were in the song and it made the song a really good song. I just love it. It gave the song that more eerie feeling and pretty much set the song away from the others making it a stand out. The vocals were amazing. I just like how the song started off with the “Bam”. Also love the high note, normal note and then rap combination, just before the chorus. The chorus is pretty good itself. I thought the song flowed quite well from start to end. It was a roller-coaster in terms of the pitch they were singing at, but as I said, it is pretty good.

The music video was pretty good. I love how eerie the music video looked. It matched the eerie sound that the whistling sound gave to the song. The rest of the music video was also quite creepy. With like how the girl is always blindfolded and the members are looking at them closely and being very creepy around the girls. Like in the lyrics “Towards your heart, without no one knowing”, the members only see the girl while everyone (and the girl herself) are oblivious. I like the individual scene. What really threw me off is the dancing platform. It was stylish and classy but it was pretty open (in terms of space) while everything else seemed quite confined. But, a pretty good video.

The dance is pretty cool as well. The awkward crab walk as some have dubbed it was pretty cool. I need new words. The chorus dance was okay and it seemed more like a hit or miss type of choreography. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I think it is weird. I like how they gradually let each member joins and for the most part they are standing on the sides (beside the ending). It was cool, but it saw members wait for until the whole song to end before they actually got to move their limbs on stage. But still pretty cool.

Okay, first review in 6 days. And I am pretty tired. Going to write a few more so I can release something during the week. This was “pretty cool” as I repeated 56439 times in this review. 9/10

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