Fool – Stellar

Another first review for another new band. But this time, the group isn’t really that new. Stellar, a 4 member girl group, made their debut with Rocket Girl in 2011, which received very little support. After 3 years of doing the cute concept over and over again (and a lineup change in the middle), the group returned with an ultra sexy concept with the song Marionette. Now it is 2015 and they have made (must remember the past tense) their comeback with Fool. Currently, the group is made up of Gayoung, JeonYul, Minhee and Hyoeun. So essentially, the group (in my opinion) is known for their sudden concept change that basically got the attention of many people.

This song is pretty good. It just lacks it addictive nature that it needs. The song takes on the jazzy sounds that we are familiar with it, but I am 100% there is some pop mixed into it somewhere. Mainly because it does not feel 100% jazzy. As I said, it really does not appeal to me so that it makes me listen to the song over and over again. I really like their “du du du ba da ba” sounds. It enhances that jazzy feel. Their chorus was pretty good as well. The rapping was a little awkward. Now I am not saying that the rapping was bad, but it kind of felt pretty awkward inside the song. To be honest, I don’t find many of Stellar’s songs that great. They kind of miss the point and are not that catchy. This is also goes that way and really disappoints me. I thought the song would have more appeal to it. But it a fair effort and on its own, it is pretty good.

The music video was really boring to watch. It really did not have a “jazzy” feel to it. Actually, it has more of a cutesy feel to it which I was really disappointed with. I was expecting something a little more cliché like having them dress up in suits and singing on small stage with hats and saxophones. This was really too colourful and I don’t get the point of the big ape. I get the start where they get sad from the mean comments people write, but honestly, watching it from a foreigner’s perspective kind of makes me cringes when I watch the music video. Also why are the banana’s pink? Beside that, the dancing and the acting scenes just don’t fit well with each other. One was more cute and the other was sexy, so there was a clear mismatch.

As for the dance, it matched the beat and actually the speed (is it called tempo?) of the song. And honestly, the “du du du ba da ba” dance is what I remember the most of the whole comeback.

Sorry for the short review. I am writing this with just completing a 3 hour class. Overall, the comeback could have been a little more appealing in my opinion. That would give them an extra boost in popularity. 3/10

2 thoughts on “Fool – Stellar

  1. The ape was scary as fuck and made no sense, should’ve been Hyun Bin in a fairy outfit, marionette was good even the butt wiping, overall 9/10. Which one is the chick with Brown hair on the microphone on the fool cover? She’s hot.


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