Paradise Lost – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)

NOTE: There is a gif at the end of the review that sums up my thoughts on the whole comeback. It is from the video and I apologise in advance if you are offended by the gif. Please don’t scroll down until you are sure you’re parents (if you are young) are away from this. I am so sorry.

Yesterday, I reviewed Gain’s Apple which featured Jay Park and unfairly got slapped with a 19+ rating. Today, I am going to the other side. The side that I think fans know of more than Apple. Paradise Lost is the second title track and also the most heavily promoted song for Gain’s comeback (due to Apple’s banning). It is the mother of all comebacks at this moment for me. Everything I say this song is probably going to sound bias but at the same time, these are my thoughts and I thought this comeback was amazing. Rumours have it (and I hope so) that Brown Eyed Girls are planning their comeback. So let’s cross our fingers and hope for BEG to make their comeback.

This song be far has to be one of the best songs of the year. This ticks everything in my books for the perfect song. Great vocals, amazing instrumental, is catchy, addictive but also has a nice (in this case hidden)  meaning. Though I don’t think the song is meant to offend religion or mega corporations  (though it sounds like it) but rather the lies that people make. There are talks of it being a song that attacks the church, but that is mainly seen in the music video rather than the actual song. The English could use a little work but it overall was fluent and enough to make sense. I just love the bridge of the song. That part basically seals the deal for me. Gain’s husky voice and her saying “They’re talking about a fantasy, They’re making up another fantasy. They’re talking about a fanatsy. They’re making up a story so they can control you and me.” Her vocals were strong and fitting for this concept and style. The orchestral instrumental did wonders to me. If you have been on this site for some time, you probably know I dig anything classical or orchestra like.

I love how dark and eerie this music video looks. There is nothing in this video that I would change. But there is something that confuses me. How in the world is this music video rated 15 only? Shouldn’t it be rated 19+? Like she was basically dry humping the floor during the video (see gif at end) and there was a lot of dark and hidden meanings that aren’t really for a 15 year old’s mind. Though there is one thing that I 100% sure about. The music video shows to the world that Gain is amazing at this “sexy” concept. I put “sexy” in quotations because to many, this was art and it is going to remain as art. I loved her little dance routine part of the music video. I loved the ending chorus, where the screen is actually cut in half with the reflection thing going on. This music video has parts of the Adam and Eve story in it, but I don’t see it directly referencing the story from the bible. But anyway. This music video shouts one word and that is EPIC!!!

The dance is amazing. The dance is so good in the video. Her dance break was phenomenal and I commend her for that. I don’t think this idea has ever been seen in KPOP. I was surprised about how her costumes and clothing managed to get onto the stage. It was a pity the performances was cut down to avoid certain parts of her dance that were explicit, but it was an amazing dance.

This is art and this is why I love KPOP. Though there was negative criticisms from many regarding this comeback, it is still something that Gain (and probably only Gain) would pull off in the Korean music industry. Mad props to her and I will remained at her presence on the stage. 10/10

PS. Something I don’t want to confess but I think many people have watched the video and thought one thing about Gain. “Damn”.



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