Pray – FT Island

I am finally get on top of these comebacks. There are just so many. But in the midsts of all these comebacks, FT Island has finally made their long awaited comeback after 1 year and 4 months. That is quite some time away from the industry. But they are back, with one of their own produced songs for the very first time. Actually, their whole album is actually self produced, which I read somewhere that they forced their company to allow them to do. Besides that, what has the members gone through since the last time we heard of them. Hongki was acting awfully cocky in the media (I got that impression, but he probably did not mean it) and the members had some solo activities. Beside that, they probably were too busy producing and writing new songs.

This is the first time FT Island made their comeback with a full on hard rock style song. And this is a side that I have been dying to hear about since I first listened to them. They had rock ballads and songs that were of the subtle nature of rock (Hopefully, you understand) but nothing like this. I was so freaking amazed when I heard this song. Them notes that Hongki hits during the song just blows your mind. Though sometimes I get very pissed off how the rest have very little to sing or rap about, but I think their rocking style and their “stage presence” says it all. There is this grand feeling of the entire song that I can’t manage to shake off. I am not disappointed in this song at all. In fact, I would describe it as the “perfect song”. This is something that has never been done in KPOP. I have nothing to compare it to, since I am not a vivid listener to rock music, but I am 100% this sets the bar pretty high for future bands.

As for the music video, so much meaning behind it. My take of the music video is this. They are put on display, after being in crates. The way they express themselves is amusing to the others, who stand around and watch. The others uses lies to cover up dark secrets and expresses themselves in this way. Despite all of this and being oppressed, they continue and finally win their battle. Just because people who lie rule the world, does not mean that those who express the truth or expresses their opinion in a different way have to be oppressed and “quiet” for that reason. It ties nicely in with the high notes and the references to “how cold the world is”. The whole music video is shot in a dark place, giving this cold and eerie feeling to it. I actually liked it. The “others” as I call them, look mighty creepy with their white faces and dark crosses. There is probably more meaning and depth that I have yet to discuss. But overall, my feelings towards this music video was “amazing”.

Needless to say, 10/10. No complaints with this song what so ever. Honestly, FNC should let Ft Island do their own thing. I am just dying to see what they have up their sleeve.

4 thoughts on “Pray – FT Island

  1. I’ve only listened to some of FT Island’s prior albums (maybe….just 1 really…hahaha) and I must agree with you about this song. I’ve been waiting for them to really rock it out and this song displays that they fit perfectly with thsi sound. If this is what it sounds like going forward (with maybe a few ballads here and there), I will definitely pay more attention.


    1. They have good songs that you need to listen to. Severely, Memory, Madly (basically their latest songs) have been my favourite. The only issue with this band is their promotion. They get the short end of the stick compared to CN Blue in terms of promotions.

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