FM – Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop has finally returned with a new song. It has been a little over (or maybe under) a year since they came back with Uh-Eee! Since then, they released their first subunit, Strawberry Milk, which debuted with OK! in October last year. Since then we have been hearing rumours of new songs from the band, but we actually never got much from them. Once again, that is all that really has been happening with the girls since their last comeback. I am sure they had a family concert with their label-mates as well. I honestly need to get more in sync with the industry. I get very busy these days.

This song freaking rocks. I have no complaints whatsoever about this song. As soon as I heard it, I was in awe. This is a song that Crayon Pop needs. I don’t care (and probably every other fan) if this song did or did not top Bar Bar Bar n terms of successful-ness and popularity. I loved it. It is just so now and trendy sounding. Okay, maybe the vocals at the start need a little work, but wow. This was one hella of a song. There was techno feels to it to match the concept they were going for. Apparently, the group have no idea what FM (in terms of this song) actually stands for. It would be quite depressing if the song actually did stand for Frequency Modulation (thank you physics!). The rapping was pretty good and I actually never thought someone in the group could pull that high note at the end off. I loved the chorus. It is so catchy that I replay the song for that part. It is sad that this song isn’t doing as great as we all want it to, but either way, it is still a rocking song that you will enjoy.

The music video was amazing. Being me, I had this fanboy moment, not over Crayon Pop, but actually the theme. Not a big fan of Sailor Moon or Halo, which this music video’s concept comes from. But I am a REALLY BIG FAN of Power Rangers. This whole music video was like a throwback to me and probably all 90s kids. Like who didn’t like Power Rangers (that is unheard of). I love their costumes. From Sailor Moon and Power Rangers, the girls looked really cute. There really isn’t a plot, but I love the setting of the music video. Essentially what they did was copy and paste from their inspirations and that I what I think I enjoyed about from this video. I am going to be honest, but the CG effects look mega cheesy in this video for some reason. So cringe worthy. Kind of shocked that I used to like these things back in the day.

The dance is so catchy. I love the very start where they would literally “strike a pose” and also the dance for the chorus. I think overall, this has to be one of the best dances. Not the most memorable, but it is very a nice set of choreography.

From start of end, I loved this comeback. Everything was amazing. Minus one or two minor details, and this would have been a prefect comeback. 9.5/10

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