Only You – Miss A

After the “breaking news” of Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship was revealed to the public, Miss A has officially launched their comeback with their newest title track Miss A. This track comes from the mini album titled as Colourful. Now what have we heard from Miss A since their last comeback, Hush? Rumours of Min’s solo debut. Suzy went further with her acting career. Fei and Jia having more activities in China, with Fei also being a part of Masterchef Korea. Was that last year? I don’t remember. But the Chinese members are starting to receive more opportunities to promote in China.

This is a so-so song. It isn’t that amazing and it really does not top Hush. But, this song is still quite good. Miss A, to me, are known for their fierce and sexy comebacks. Goodbye Baby, Touch, Hush were all chart toppers and got them a lot of fame. Those comebacks with a little more colour and brightness, such as this song and Don’t Need A Man, really did not make it as high on my like charts. The vocals are pretty good. Jia and Fei have many more lines in the song compared to the past. Min got the short end of the stick, as we really did not get to see her shine as much in this song. Suzy, yeah, she got the load. The chorus is mainly her with a few extra parts in the first verse and the bridge. But I am not complaining as this song suited her vocals. This song is a more typical pop song. There is nothing in this song that makes it stands out. I enjoyed it, but at the same time, thought it lacked a lot. There was no “power” has I said at the start. Miss A’s signature feel is not in this song. Overall, it is okay, but maybe I was expecting something more.

Right, the start uses live shots of a city (looks like New York to me). But the set was fake. WHY??? This music video was way to bright for my liking. I like colour and all, but it feels really lacking and doesn’t garner my attention as much as I had expected. I don’t know anyone these days look at their hot neighbours with binoculars anymore. It kind of sounds like old fashion. And the fact that the girls already noticed him and yet he continues to watch them as if he thought he was being sneaky enough. Also, that party at the end has to be one of the lamest parties ever. The dancing of the background actors and actresses were just bouncing up and down. I don’t go to parties, but I already know how much the party must suck if it mainly just jumping up and down throughout the night.

The dance was okay. It really wasn’t anything that great compared to their past dances. Nothing memorable.

If I got to choose between this comeback and Hush, I go with the latter, because I prefer the latter’s concept and style overall. More than this. Nonetheless, congratulations on the girls for getting 3 or 4 PERFECT all kills on the charts for this song. 6/10

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