Aah Oop! – Mamamoo

Mamamoo was back for a very limited amount of time. Aah Oop! is a collaboration between the group and a very close friend of theirs, eSNa, who previously featured in one of their songs on their last mini album. As I said, they are back for only a limited amount of time, with their promotional run only lasting two weeks. I know, so short. BUT they are due back in May for a new release (from what I remember a new mini album).

This song is a pretty good, but it does not exceed the standard that Piano Man created for the band. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with the song, despite having me confused as a “fifth” member was being added to the group. All the girls of Mamamoo have really nice vocals. Wheein, is starting to emerge from the shadow and leash what she has hidden from the public for ages. Solar and Whasa, per usual, sound so freaking amazing on stage. Moonbyul, needs more parts (and she gets them, when they are not promoting the song with eSNA), but her rap is still top. eSNa has a very unique voice and it matches well with the retro style song and also the band. I guess we can say she is Mamamoo’s fifth long lost member. Though the song had me a little uneasy at first, I grew to love it and I replay it every now and then.

The music video is okay. It is obviously going for the retro concept with the colours and also their clothing reminding me of the 60s and 70s. Their hairstyles pretty much reminds me of that era as well. The sets as well. So we see a barber shop as soon the video starts and there is this dude who looks like he is very creeped out. I don’t know you, but if I were in his shoes and I was creeped out by the ladies who were observing my hair and look like they are more into being pretty and cutting their hairs, I’d leave. I like the newspaper idea as well. It is very interesting. I know it has been done before, but this video puts a lot of emphasis on it. And sorry, shaving like that is too scary. And to make it worse, her hands had to shake (or is it to represent the tough nature of the guy?). By the end of the video, he looks bored to his bones. Well, that is the case if your hairdresser took like 3 hours to cut, wash, shave and dry your hair. Overall, it was a colourful video and I didn’t mind it as much.

The dance isn’t as great compared to Piano Man. I liked it and all, but it just really lacked style and wasn’t eventful as I expected it. eSNa could have dropped the whole keyboard thing. We can clearly tell that the keyboard wasn’t on. She could have just stood there and still make the performance work.

Nice, it took me 5 days to write this review. I apologise for the lateness. I was just so busy on the weekend and I am still in uni, so it is just so crazy. Assignments here and there. Exams coming up as well. Mamamoo needs to make their comeback and live up to their promises to please me. 8/10


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