Hopeless Love – Jimin (15&)

I have been dying to review this song. Like seriously, I have been waiting every patiently for this song to come up in the line. But that is for later on. Jimin has made her solo debut with this song. For those who don’t know, 15& is a duo that consist of Jimin herself and also Yerin. We don’t get to see Yerin too much, which totally sucks (I think she is very pretty) but, I recently found out, she collaborated with Sane with the song Me You. However I won’t be reviewing that song. But yeah, anyone notice that Jimin is promoted quite a bit but Yerin isn’t? Not that I am complaining, because this is mainly a tactic to pull more fans into the duo.

This song is freaking good. It is just perfect. Hands down. No ifs or buts. I was so amazed when I heard this song. Everything just came together perfectly. It honestly does not sound like your typical KPOP song, nor does it sound like a typical K-Ballad song as well. I love the instrumental of the song. It stands out by using the bongos, which we don’t hear as much in ballads than in pop songs. The classical arrangement with the electro sounds really pull the whole instrumental together quite well. At the same time, we hear such a nice voice. Her voice (to me) seems to find it a little difficult to get to certain notes, but hell, she pulled the song off quite well and left a long last impression on me. As for the song, it mainly talks about the “hopeless love” the girl has to for her friend. While she loves him, he only sees her as a friend and that is all. It is actually quite a sad song to listen to and we get that from her voice as well.

The music video was equally as good. he first see three friends playing around with each other and having fun. But then we get glimpses that the dude only sees Jimin’s character as a friend rather than a lover, while he sees his other friend as his lover. When the first chorus kicks in to tell us that message, the music video starts to become darker. As the music video progresses, the whole video becomes darker and focuses less on Jimin. Her memories tend to be quite bright, while the moments where she realizes the truth were quite dark. I love how the video tries to lose focus but ends up going back to a clear image. This is like Jimin trying to forget the guy, but she her mind still goes back. I think it was a really nice video and it told a really sad (but really good) story to us all.

As I said from the start, PERFECT. Why is this not being promoted beats me, but it still deserve some sort of promotion (beside that singing contest show). 10/10


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