Joker – Dal Shabet

After over a year’s absence from the stage, Dal Shabet has finally returned with a brand new mini album. They graced the stage last year with BBB (Big Baby Baby), showing off a brand new side of the girls that were never seen before. The song proved to be a success for the girls, but it was not enough to get them to the level of the top girl group. Since the promotions, the girls stayed relatively silent, with Subin involved in a car accident which required rest and put their comeback on hold. With recovery going strong, the band announced a January comeback. However Woohee suffered a collapse lung in October, which once again put the plans on hold. However, they are back and they are healthy as ever.

This song is surprisingly good. I watched the teaser and I felt really “on the fence” regarding this comeback. I don’t think this song tops BBB. BBB was more of a disco track that mushed the sexy concept into it and that made the song stand out for me towards the end of the year. Though, I do like Joker, I don’t think it is up to the same level as their previous promoted songs. First of all, the English in the song was terrible. Yes, it sounded like a terrible mish mash of words. But on the other hand, I thought that was probably the catchiest part of the song. The chorus lacked that appeal this time around, and I was impressed with everything in the song, beside the chorus. The vocals and rapping were good. But as a whole, I don’t think this song has the same effect as BBB did. Sure, it carries the girl’s to their next concept or next song, but it really does not “prove” that the girls are technically are improving and showing a “newer” side. I feel terrible writing that comment mainly because Subin produced the whole mini album, but a review is a review.

The concept was “Harlequins” and the girls looked nothing like that. To be honest, this was more like “Let’s put the girls is random outfits for the music video” to look good.  The Joker himself was okay, but he had more of a “playboy” type of kind coming off him, rather than the creepy evil feel. There really wasn’t a plot to the music video. More like the girls just having some kind of drinking party and images of “creepy” Joker guy floating around. Maybe I am not seeing that many references that I should be picking up on. I thought the sets were good. It did look like they had to cut back on a few things, but it still had a grand feel to it. I love the massive cards in the background. I wouldn’t mind having one of them on my wall. But beside that, there really is  not much to say about the music video.

The dance was pretty good. It focused more of the sexual side, but I thought it wasn’t as bad as other dances out there. I guess slight twerking is in. Well, slight movements of the buttocks more like it.

Overall, it was pretty good. Did not top BBB, but it did deliver a good dose of Dal Shabet to fans. 7.5/10

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