Ah Yeah – EXID

They are back and they are slaying. The hottest group of 2015 has finally made their comeback with a brand new song. If you guys don’t know this band, I am judging you very harshly at this moment. I am only joking. But seriously, I think everyone knows who this band is. It is EXID! After reaching the top of the charts with Up and Down at the start of the year, a song previously released in August by the band, they are back with another chart topper. It is amazing what one fan camera footage can do to your popularity. Just ask these girls. Their song, when it was first released, barely reached the charts, but after that sexy fan cam was released of Hani, their group shot to stardom. Not only did Hani receive a boost in popularity, but members LE and Solji also got their time to shine (and they are still shining).

I have dying to review this song. I personally thought it was an amazing song. Yeah, it sounds like Up and Down 2.0, but it really has an extra (and different) feeling to it, which separates it from Up and Down. Just here is only one similarity I noticed with the songs. The saxophone sounds are still there. And those saxaphone sounds were really addictive and cool. Of course they were not direct copy and paste, but they still add their own style. I loved LE’s raps the most from this song. Hani’s “sweet and seductive” vocals got switched up to fierce and dangerous rapping by LE. Loved it. Junghwa (even though her part had too much autotune) got more lines. Solji’s high note was remarkable (per usual) but it also gives her more recognition since she was on that vocal contest show recently and won that as well. Hyelin really didn’t shine that much. She needs a different place in the song, away from Solji, because their vocals are way too similar. Not that I am complaining, but like Up and Down, I thought she had no lines. Either way, all this song is get praises (and of course, maybe a little tweaking is needed for future songs).

This music video was genius. It is like it is taking a stab at the Korean music industry for being too conservative. The censorship got my brain thinking, wow, they are doing everything naked. And I thought Junghwa was actually sitting on a porno site. Needless to say, I thought the video did its job very well (maybe a little too well). Though, I was expecting something else than a cute dog. That part is where I was a little too iffy about. You just took something that looked like a porno and transformed it to something a children show would have. Maybe not that extreme, but it felt like it. As for LE’s and Hani’s part, wow. I love the change over and difference between each scene. I just thought it matched the song and the two “public” sides of the girls that I was used for. I also loved it how some of the stages have adopted a bit of it. And I hope that YouTube view count overloads like in the video. The girls deserve it.

As for the dance, it didn’t find it that similar to Up and Down like everyone was going on about it. Yes, it may have that same level of sexiness, but at the same time, I thought it was still pretty good. I love the “Ah Yeah” part and the chorus. The only part I am going to cry to you about is LE’s rapping. I expected a more fiercer level of dancing that made us go wow. That part was disappointing and didn’t match the feel of the song.

9.5/10. Just misses the perfect score for a little bit and pieces, but, it still works out to be a song that I am playing over and over again.

6 thoughts on “Ah Yeah – EXID

  1. After Up and Down, everyone was expecting something great from them- and I was one of those people who was not disappointed. I love their new song so much and I can’t wait until they release more.


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