Cupid – Kara

Kara has returned with a brand new song. It has been a while since Korean promotions, but they have a little more busy with Japanese activities. On top of that , Youngji was promoted on the TC show, Roommate for a while last year. Hara is tipped to make a comeback through solo promotions within this year. And beside that, there really haven’t been much going on for the band, except for the odd promotion here or there.

Cupid is a really typical song. It has not uniqueness and just falls into the “KPOP” genre. It sounds like a cute song and has bits of ageyo in it, which kind of confuses me, since the girls are quite mature and really don’t carry the same concept through their music video or dance. I am glad that Youngji is getting more lines, unlike Mamma Mia, which barely promoted her at all. The whole rap sequence is just Youngji’s. but it has this fake sound all the way through. The vocals were quite lacking in this song. There was no depth and don’t get me started on the live performances. But do I like the song? I guess so. It just doesn’t feel right to say it is an amazing song, because there are definitely some flaws. I really wanted to see a powerful comeback such as their past songs before the departure of the other two former members, but their past few songs have been very airy fairy for me.

The music video was really boring. Dance here. Great, solo shots in these massive sets with perfume bottles and flowers. Add a small parts of a man dodging flower arrows and a silhouette of him getting shot. Music video done. I really don’t like the pale green they were going for. As you can see, I analyse videos very well. There just was not a single thing that made this music video amazing. To be honest, it looked a lot like Mamma Mia. Beside that the fact that the camera angles were a tad different, the music videos to me were perfectly the same. Even the dance set seemed to have the same feel to it as in Mamma Mia.

The dance was okay. Not great, but it did its job. So wasn’t disappointed. I like the choreography at Youngji’s rap part. It seemed fluid and flowed very well. As I said, the live performances were terrible. They don’t sound good.  The vocal work here did not seem like last years or any of their past songs.

Overall, it was an okay comeback. Typical song, boring music video, alright dance. 5/10

I should comeback with more catch up reviews starting Monday and then probably dive right into Big Bang, EXO and my Rewind article for May.

3 thoughts on “Cupid – Kara

  1. I hace to admit…. I really liked the song, even if know it wasn’t any special… But what I really disappointed me is the mini album, is just shit compared with Day & night mini album… Waiting her next comeback because this…


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