Catch Up Review #14 – BESTie, CLC, Oh My Girls

And I am back. So many reviews to do. Exams just finished today and I am done for the semester, so expect reviews to come out every day from now until late July. Maybe, but I will try to get 1 review out every 2 days. That is my goal. Likewise, the titles below are links to the music video.

Excuse Me – BESTie


BESTie has returned with Excuse Me, after a pretty successful year of promotions and getting their name out there. Excuse Me just did not live up to my expectations. It was rather disappointing. The song had colour but it really did not use that sense of appeal that well and I grew very tired of the song. Sure I would listen to it, but it just doesn’t fit their past songs. It’s not that catchy at all, which is disappointing. Maybe the saxophones got to me, but I don’t really find their voices fitting for the song. For the music video, it does break the stereotype. Well, for the most part it foes fall under the stereotype of a typical KPOP video, but the plot doesn’t. The glasses that shows guy’s true feelings regarding people around them. Interesting concept but not one that I want to learn about. The choreography fits the song pretty well. The movements fits the beat really well. I kind of like their costumes but at times it does get cringe worthy. Overall, I am sure BESTie could have done better with the song, but I thought the video was a plus. 4.5/10

Like – CLC



I have not reviewed Pepe, which was CLC’s debut song. But instead, I am going to review Like. This is a pretty solid song that I am totally digging. It is very fun and light-hearted. Most importantly, I think the song fits the concept they are going for as cute girls. I thought the vocals for this song and the rapping in this band is pretty cool. I loved the chorus and how the main vocal does that like pouting sound at the end of a line. I love the part after the first chorus. It changes the up the song pretty well and still manages to flow pretty well. As for the music video, the girls go on a detective hunt to find out what kind of guy one of the girls like is. Turns out their mission failed in the end, but I thought it was a very cute video and quite colourful. The dance is pretty cute as well. 9/10

Cupid – Oh My Girl


Another group that debuted. But this is their debut single. I recently got into their song but there is one major compliant. The rolling drum beat needed to be softened down or just taken away from the song. Everything about the song was amazing and I thought it was a solid song as well. But the drum beat really smothered every other aspect of the song and made it sound messy. Such disappointment. Though the song and choreography gives off the cheerleader concept really well, which I like. The “Hey cupid has shot my heart” was cringe worthy, but I must confess it is my favourite part of the song.  Their street set and the ending reminded me of AOA’s Elvis. Thought instead of mysterious, these girls act like Cupid. But beside that, the music video was a little boring to watch. 6/10

Next review: new boy bands in KPOP for 2015.

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