Love Me Right – EXO

After promotions with Call Me Baby, EXO has returned with their newest song, Love Me Right. The song, released as the repackaged version of their Call Me Baby album has (without any doubt) been a successful release, however their promotions were only for a short period of time, due to concerts overseas (which is quite disappointing). Now EXO has been stabbed once again, with Tao rumoured to have left the group. Essentially he did one stage with the boys and got injured once again. Then the saga began, again. And for this, the only Chinese member Lay is getting a lot of hate. How do I know? Fan chants and cheers for all the members except Lay at their stages while promoting Love Me Right. I just want to put out there, even as not a Lay or EXO fan, the EXO-L’s hating on Lay are being selfish and childish. That is just my take on it though.

I did not want to start the review with that. But I can say that the rest of the review is going to be amazing. Well, let’s hope so. BUT THIS SONG HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR. I am giving this my seal of approval. From the very moment I first heard this song, until the end of days, this song will forever remain in my head. This song, from the vocals, rapping, instrumental, rhythm, lyrics just blows my mind. The retro funky sound that the song has just amazes me. I have been playing this song non stop since it has came out and I think out of all the songs that EXO has released, this is their best one to day. Finally a song that gives the rap a place to fit in, the vocals a place to thrive and omg. Why was this not an actual song that was promoted for a long time????

The music video was pretty cool. Minus the America football gear. Everything was fine since the song was there, but the should pads on these guys really do not fit. God, it makes them so small. The music video is a mash-up on like so many different solo shots, it confuses me and string them together and they really don’t mean anything. Actually, come to the think of it, most of EXO’s music video don’t even have a plot line. It is just dance. So I guess the solo shots have an artistic nature to them? Hmm… That would make more sense then. Cause even the scenes don’t match up with the lyrics.

The dance for this is awesome. I am full of praise. Though I am going to be honest, their lip syncing really needs improving. Like A LOT of improvement. A LOT.

Must I say more? I am not a fan of EXO but this comeback exceeded my expectations and I thought it was INCREDIBLE. I am running out of words to praise this song. 10/10

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