Ah-Ah – Teen Top

Summer is going to be one busy season with all these comebacks. Teen Top has made their comeback in the season of summer with a refreshing dance song. Not much has happened with Teen Top since their last comeback. Niel made his solo debut with Lovekiller. The group also had concerts in other countries as well. But honestly, there hasn’t been much talk regrading the group. However they have re-entered the industry with a bang, topping album sale charts with their new album. Congrats!

I have mixed feelings for this song. One part of me says it is boring and that there is nothing that is appealing to me to it. BUT the other half says the complete opposite. Does that make sense? To me, it makes no sense whatsoever. I thought the song was very polished and flowed nicely. The instrumental has this addictive beat to it which I am totally digging. In terms of the vocals, it just sounded like an upgraded version of Missing. For those who don’t remember, I did not like Missing and I still don’t. While everything else was cool and all, the vocals just lacked so much. Though to compliment the vocals, the added a smooth touch to the song. It sounded monotone to me. The rapping in the bridge reminded me a lot of the rapping in Rocking. So many memories. I did like how they approached the final chorus. It was very cool.

I preferred the dance set of the music video to the actual set of the rest of the music video. The dance set I am referring to is that rocking looking set, where the members are wearing blue. The rest of the music video was quite colourful and had a retro feel to it. That did mismatch with the song, as the song was more of a modern day song to be honest. I find it amazing how they dance anywhere. Petrol station and the diner. The latter I thought was impossible as it seemed so narrow. But guess what, they amazed me even more. But beside that, I didn’t find myself overly excited for the rest of the music video. I thought it was boring.

But I can tell you what was not boring. The dance. A more subtle version of Rocking but with more emotion like is Missing. I find the dance for this song really cool. Not going to try it out myself, since I am most likely going to fall over my own legs. Teen Top managed to wow with previous dances before and this one is really cool. Like the song, I thought the dance was polished and quite smooth.  The crotch grabs though probably the highlight for many fans. I enjoyed the complex leg moves.

Overall, I guess I will say it was a really cool comeback. Bits of me are still torn, but overall the comeback left a better impression on me than what Missing did. 7/10

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