Heart Attack – AOA

Summer is also the season for many girl groups to comeback in. And this Summer, it is no exception. AOA is one of the groups that have dared to enter the battle field and is ready to shake the field up. With their forever expanding popularity after a highly successful year of promotions, Seolhyun’s acting success and Jimin’s rapping success as well, the girls are back with Heart Attack. Let’s hope they only give metaphorical heart attacks and not the real deal. Yeah, that was my highly lame joke for you all.

When I first heard the song, I thought it was an ear-sore. It was a horrible mess and I was very disappointed. Well, let me fast forward a few days later where I was playing this song on repeat. It grew so freaking much on me. But I can assure you, this would not be a song that I would recommend to someone. It left a horrible impression on me first and I doubt anyone who dislikes the group or KPOP would go back to it. Honestly, it is an addictive track. Once again, I don’t see the fascination with Jimin and her rapping. It is just so whiny. The really high pitched notes for the chorus really got to me. A part of me is like “YESSS” and another is like “Damn, you just ruined the track”. I am still going to keep my initial thoughts and say it is a mess. The song was squashed together and it felt like a group of people talking to you at once. It felt way to sudden (especially the start) and fast for me. I don’t find it an ear-sore anymore, but I honestly say, a slower pop track could have been much better in my opinion.

I sat down and watched the music video and I found it a total bore. AOA is a lacrosse team and fails terribly when they play. Some of the girls are not cut out and other times they are distracted. First of all and some of you may think I am going against equality here, but why are AOA playing against a group of guys? A) how did they get to that game? and B) why are they playing against guys? Isn’t that a bit too much for the girls? It would make more sense to have the girls play against other girls. So in the video, one girl confesses her feelings for the opposite team player and learn how to play very well. Which raises a question: did the girls even know what to do in the first match? And that is all. No more questions from the video. I honestly felt so bored watching the music video and also quite distracted by the song.

As for the dance, it really isn’t amazing. It just feels like a typical dance and I thought it matched the song. A lot of boob pointing though. Of course, I would point that out.

Hmmm… I think to summarise, the girls could have done way better. The song was okay. It was a mess of a song, but it did have its good points. The music video and dance could have been way better. 4/10 I think this is my most confusing review ever. Apologies for that.

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