Remember – APINK

APINK has returned to the stage with a brand new song. This marks their first release for 2015, becoming one of the most successful groups of 2014. APINK released hits such as Mr. Chu and Luv, which skyrocketed them into being dubbed as the next generation top tier groups for the KPOP industry. Luv was such a hit in the industry that it won all the possible awards on the weekly music shows for that month, beating out many top artists in December. But here they are now in Summer with their new track, Remember.

This is a messy song that has grown on me. But not as much as you think. I still think it is pretty messy and it really sounds quite jaggered. If you understand what I mean by that, award yourself a hi-five. But yeah, the song starts off with a slow piano sound, and then enters a dance pop genre quite randomly. Like there was no connection. The chorus was a bit awkward for me. Because it started off slow (compared to the rest of the chorus), but afterwards, it started to become more upbeat.  An interesting theory is that when Eunji sings the start, it more of a flashback type of sound that they were going for. When Bomi starts to sing, it like a “hit”- to get back to reality. That does seem very interesting and made the song feel better. But overall, it is nothing that I wanted from the group. No No No and Mr. Chu had very bright songs that fitted the summer season. But Remember, to me, was just Summer. It did not feel right for me. And the song ended very abruptly, and that still bugs me when I listen to it today. It just did not end well at all.

The music video was quite summery. Dancing on a boat is not something that I would enjoy, but it seems like the girls are having the time of their lives. Once again, it just feels like Summer. Yes, while the season is Summer, I feel like the song should fit into it, rather than be it. Once again, if you understand, pat yourself on the back. For some reason, I focused a lot on Bomi while watching this music video. And it is mainly because of her pink hair and the way they styled it into two buns. Like where are some stylists going with the hairstyles they give to these idols. (I am going to briefly mention it here. Wait until a review that will be coming out quite soon about hairstyles. If you have been paying attention to KPOP, you know who I am talking about. If that is case, guess below and pat yourself on the back). And those scenes where they get ready for the party. It has been done before in one of their OWN videos.

The dance was nice. It complimented the song quite well. That Running Man version of the dance was funny though. Just that crouching down to write letters in the sand, looks very awkward and kind of ruins it for me. APINK is one of the groups that just proves that you don’t need to have a sexy dance to get attention of others. Just ask their forever growing fandom.

Yeah, I sound disappointed. And I know that APINK is capable of much more. So I guess maybe next time. It is growing on  me, but it seems like it won’t be around for long though. 6/10

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