Dream Candy – APRIL

A brand new group is on the block. Coming straight from the very company that formed FinkL, KARA, Rainbow and AJAX, APRIL is probably the youngest KPOP group at the moment. Yeah, they just debut and their youngest member is 13. I’m nearing 19 and I am starting to feel a little old. The oldest member is my age, and here I am trying to figure out how to make money grow on trees. This girl group is dubbed as the “next generation FinkL and Kara” (well, that is what their company claims). The group members as Somin, Chaewon, Hyunjoo, Naeun, Yena and Jinsol. Somin in particular has been a past member of Puretty (up until their disbandment) and both Somin and Chaewon participated in the Kara Project.

This is a pretty weak song for a debut. It really does not live much of an impact on the people who listen to the song. It just sounds like a song from a group that will just disappear. Not saying it is bad or anything, it just doesn’t tell the world how great this new group is. The song itself managed to work as an introduction to the band, but it is rather disappointing. Rookie girl groups like GFriend and Lovelyz had debut songs that got people to remember them.  They were catchy and powerful. But this, it is weak. Not catchy, not addictive. Their vocals are so-so. I am sure they will improve with future releases (like every other band). The song did have more of a Christmas but Summer (and princess) feel to it, in my point of view. While there are many intense songs, it is quite nice to get a song like this from time to time that is soft and calming. But yeah, they should have gone for a much stronger song to showcase their talents.

As for the music video, it was rather boring. I was easily distracted by other things and that took me away from the video. They are cute and definitely suit the cute concept, but I am sorry. This just does not do a good job at appealing to me. I honestly be creeped out if I woke up with a lot of plants growing next to me. I guess in this video, they went on a quest to find the unicorn. I wasn’t really that clear cause the video is basically 90% of them being cute and 10% of actual unicorns, so… I feel like DSP should have invested a little more into the music video. The sets, they look cheap. I am not expected everything to be made out of diamonds and gold, but there is that cheap feel accompanying the video. Also their dresses. The solid colours work. The German inspired dresses need to go. Also, those lacey bottoms to the dresses can go. That is so out of fashion. And that is coming from one who knows nothing about fashion.

For the dance, this is quite weak. Nothing wowed me. It was just a standard, boring dance. For their expressions, I feel like maybe they only just debut. But they look quite stiff and awkward on stage. But it is far too early to criticise them on that.

They are in need of a strong comeback. Debut didn’t do wonders for them, which is disappointing, because there was so hype around these girls. 4/10

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