[OST Review] 2020 OST Reviews – Part 3

It has been a long time coming, but I have finally decided to make a start on reviewing a certain type of song that I barely looked at in the past but have wanted to write about for a while now – OST songs. OST (otherwise known as Official Sound Tracks) have been a big part of KPOP. Many of the idols we know and love have gone onto being big name actors, whiles others have had to the privilege to sing some of the most famous tracks to some of the greatest drama scenes of all time.

I personally feel that there is a misconception that OSTs are usually just ballads, but I want to prove that wrong. Furthermore, there will be a Best OST category in this year’s KPOPREVIEVED Awards (hint hint). So I have picked five OSTs throughout 2020 to review and introduce to you here (and over a number of posts). Note that I have not watched all of the dramas, so I will be reviewing the song itself – like how I write my song reviews.

Crazy – APRIL
Drama: Backstreet Rookie
Release: 26 June 2020

First up this week is APRIL with Crazy. To me, Crazy would be suitable a side track on an APRIL album and I feel that it would go a long way, if that was the case. I really like this particular OST because it has such a really alluring yet simple melodic hook. It is super catchy and it is one of those hooks that I would dub as a ‘guilty pleasure’. It is a song that I am sure my friends would make fun of me for listen to it. But I wouldn’t pass an opportunity to listen to this song, no matter where I am! I also love the subtle retro influence that the instrumental has. The vocals do a pretty good job at masking this retro influence (not entirely sure if this is a good thing), but it is definitely felt heavily whilst listening to the instrumental version of the song. While we are on the topic of vocals, I really like their sweet high pitch delivery of their lines. It compliments the instrumental and also really helps bring the melody to life. I like the delicate touch it brings, making this song so much more appealing to listen to. (9/10)

Go Away Go Away – Chanyeol (EXO) & Punch
Drama: Dr. Romantic 2
Release: 20 January 2020

Punch and Chanyeol were a formidable pairing back in 2018 when they released their iconic Stay With Me for the drama Goblin. Now, they have joined forces once again for Dr. Romantic 2. This song features a really nice and soft instrumental, made of thumping percussion and acoustic guitars that closed to the song off really beautifully. The instrumental was decorated with Punch’s beautiful husky vocals, while Chanyeol brought his deep husky tone to the song via both his rapping and singing. I thought the rapping was interesting. I didn’t see it coming, but I am kind of glad it was there. It broke up the song for me, which make it more appealing. Otherwise, it would have been repetitive with the same melodies on repeat. It also brought an interesting dynamic. We don’t usually hear much rapping when it comes to OST and usually it is limited to one segment in the song. In Go Away Go Away, we have punch harmonizing with Chanyeol mid-rap. I thought that was really cool and different. Overall, Chanyeol and Punch really consolidated their position as an iconic pairing in the OST world with Go Away Go Away. (10/10)

I’ll Be There – Shownu (MONSTA X)
Drama: Tale of The Nine Tailed
Released: 15th October 2020

Shownu, the leader of the male group MONSTA X, is someone who don’t hear often from. He is a vocalist, but he doesn’t get much opportunity to shine in his group’s songs. However, his OSTs does. With this more recent release (actually, the drama is still on air), Shownu has shown off his vocal kills. Personally, I don’t see him as a ballad person and I felt that I’ll Be There proves just that. I’ll Be There does start off similar to the ballad, with just piano and dramatic thumping in the far distance. His vocals here already amazes me. But this first verse is just a false impression. The chorus reveals the rock influence and kicks the song up a notch. I really enjoyed the energy that came from it and felt that the rock twist felt more suitable towards what I know of Shownu. The second verse was similar to the first verse but has an extra beat to it. I really like the more texture and ‘rock out’ moment that the bridge and final chorus brough to the song. The intensity and peak was satisfying. I am glad that Shownu has this avenue to showcase more of his skillset. Now, it is time for a solo album from him and each of the MONSTA X members. (9/10)

Spotlight – Bobby (iKON)
Drama: Record Of Youth
Release: 5th October 2020

The rock influence continues in Spotlight, an OST for the drama Record of Youth. It is another recent OST release occurring back in October. It is also the first OST release for newcomer Bobby, more commonly known as a rapper from iKON. I don’t think many YG artists delve into the OST market, so it is interesting to hear that Bobby was joining the subindusrty. Unlike the previous OST I just review, Bobby doesn’t hide the fact that this has a rock influence. You could feel it from the start. It is a pretty consistent track from start to end, as a result. But what makes the song unique is that there is a bit of a Western rock influence to the overall song and I really liked how the intensity of the rock changes as we progress through the song. There is also a bit of funkiness to it, which I think is fantastic. Bobby’s vocals is very suitable for this rock style. I particularly enjoyed the more hoarsey moment in the bridge of the song. I also liked how he used the rock element to end of the song. The way it was dragged out felt awesome and was extremely satisfying to listen to. (9/10)

Two Words – Wendy (Red Velvet)
Drama: Start Up
Release: 15th November 2020

To wrap up this edition of the OST reviews post, we will take a listen to a ballad. This one is pretty significant, as it is the first Wendy release we have heard in a while. An OST was a perfect way for the main vocalist to get back into the music industry without putting massive stress on her body whilst she is still recovering from her fall back in late 2019 (though from the sounds of recent news – Red Velvet will be coming back in the new year). Two Words was a stunning ballad to listen to. It may be typical in retrospect, but it is what Wendy does and how she sounds that it really amazing. I like the softness that the acoustic guitar brings to the first verse. As the song progresses, both Wendy and the instrumental build up. More instruments are brought into play, while her tone builds for the chorus and to match the build up in the instrumental. I like how she starts with the high notes into the second chorus. However, her most impressive one has to be the one that comes at the end. It is definitely nice to hear her once again and I hope we can see her (and the rest of Red Velvet as a five member group) soon. (8/10)

[Review] Now or Never – APRIL

It is time to catch up on reviews that I should have reviewed during the week but was unable to for whatever reason. First up is APRIL’s Now or Never, which is the group’s first comeback single since LALALILALA earlier this year. The single is featured on their first special Summer single album, Hello Summer. Prior to this comeback, Naeun was swept in a bullying controversary, which has since been proven to be a lie (as confessed by the person who spread the rumours). It was announced that Naeun would not be promoting this single due to shock. But from what I could see on the group’s comeback stages, Naeun is well and continuing her duties as a APRIL member.

APRIL’s take on a Summer single is pretty much what we have heard previously from other female groups. But that impression changes once we get to the chorus. The surprising incorporation of brass during Now or Never‘s chorus was a pleasant one. But I just wished that it was better mixed into the instrumental. To me, the brass seems like it is between two layers of instrumentation. It comes off alright, but it does not feel as explosive or energetic as the many examples of brass I have heard in KPOP previously. For example, I felt the brass in the song’s pre-chorus was nicely mixed into the instrumental. The brass that faded in the pre-chorus was a great teaser and buildup to the chorus (I had no issues with this). Their shouty ‘Now or Never‘ hook was pretty catchy and I really like the brightness that comes from this element. I also really like the ending, which (to me) added some classy style to this bright and upbeat track. Their vocals were good, but I wished the melodies were a lot more memorable. So far, everything I have described seems positive and neutral. Unfortuately, there is one bad element to the song that I felt was unimaginative and unnecessary. I am talking about the rapping. The short rap line at the end of the chorus is not the issue here though. I find that to be a good addition to the song. The issue is regarding the rap sequence that follows the first chorus. It just felt unneeded and cheesy with its trap-based setup. But apart from that part, Now or Never is still a decent track to bring some freshness to Summer.

The video was nailed perfectly. It is pretty hard to stuff up a Summer themed music video as the things we would associate with the season is quite obvious. Water, sun, sand and smiles. This video had it all. The bright lighting and colourfulness of the video is probably my most favourite aspect as everything just pops right out at you. In terms of content, there isn’t much to the video. Though for a Summer video, you can’t really expect for much, other than the members having fun.

Unfortuately, the choreography for this comeback wasn’t that impressive. Aside from the chorus, the rest of the choreography just didn’t seem as interesting. What I enjoyed in the chorus was that subtle bounce that made it look appealing. That was lacking in the rest of the performance.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10


It has been a while since we last heard from APRIL. Their last officially Korean release was back in 2018 through their Oh! My Mistake comeback. The group was absent from the Korean music industry in 2019, but they did make their Japanese debut with Oh-E-Oh, which was originally a b-side track on the group’s The Ruby mini-album. Today, the group makes their return with LALALILALA, which is the title track off the mini-album De Campo, which also dropped today.

With over a year’s absence from the industry, it would be a pity if APRIL returned with their usual sound. There isn’t anything wrong with their existing portfolio, other than it just didn’t work with the general public. LALALILALA definitely excites me as it goes in a new direction, just as I had wish. There is a beautiful aura around this song, which suits APRIL’s usually style. The instrumental takes on an electronic profile, which is very different to their previous releases. There is a strong beat in this song that reminds me club setting. There isn’t anything new with this style, as it is pretty much done by every other artist in the industry. But just before the chorus, the producers manage to incorporate what I would call a ‘ray of sunshine’ into the song, which gives way for a pretty and charming chorus. This makes the song conform to the group’s usual youthful and innocent charms. The way they do this comes off as fresh and is very neat as well. The song’s hooks are memorable and catchy and this is aided by good vocals from the members. I also liked how the bridge seemed to incorporate a bit of a rap-speak sequence. A more hard hitting rap sequence would have been better, but I don’t think that would match the group’s image. Overall, LALALILALA is a great return to the industry for APRIL. (It also seems to be paying off, as the group is now charting in high positions on the charts, which was never the case for the group before today).

I think the cosmic concept was really a good choice for APRIL, given that the song does have that vibe coming from it. It is very pretty and I liked how they made it their own, as the cosmic concept is commonly associated with a different female group. I did liked how the music video highlighted the group’s visuals and gave an opprtunity for the group to really pop out in their setting. Based on a comment on YouTube, the story-line of the video is about the members dreaming of success. Whether it is actual story-line is unconfirmed, but I liked the direction it went in. I have screenshot a copy of the comment below:

We only saw snippets of the choreography through the music video. But based on what I saw, I would say that this is a good routine. They bring their youthful charm to the choreography, whilst still adhering to the mature sound that the song steers towards. I liked the swaying moves for the chorus hook for its simplicity but also refinement.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

[Album Review] The Ruby (6th Mini Album) – APRIL

APRIL has returned with their 6th mini-album, The Ruby. This is my first time reviewing an APRIL album and I couldn’t pass the chance when I was very impressed with all the songs on the album. Featured on the album is Oh! My Mistake, which actually topped the KPOPREVIEWED Weekly KPOP charts for last week! So without any further delay (as I have a number of reviews to write tonight), let’s start.

The Ruby Album Cover

1..Oh-e-Oh – The first song on this track list is only a small teaser into what it going to come on this album. Oh-e-Oh has a super energetic and bright instrumental, which one of the main reasons why I enjoyed the song. The chorus is incredibly infectious, especially the killer opener to the chorus (which is just the title of the song enthusiastically projected out loud). Throw in their vocals in the song and you get a very refreshing feel to the song that starts this album on a very fun yet exciting note. (10/10)

2. Oh! My Mistake (예쁜 게 죄) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Oh! My Mistake. (9/10)

3. Love Story (이야기)Love Story is one of the songs that sounds so typical and has been attempted before. But before you jump at my throat, it is also one of the few songs that sounds so typical yet nailed well so you don’t really grow tired of it. I thought the chorus was super catchy and the hook (title repeated post-chorus) was very addictive. Vocal work for this song was also amazing. However, the autotune at the start of the second verse felt very out of place and didn’t feel right. But other than that, another good song. (9/10)

4. Love Clock – I don’t mind the song but it probably my pick for the weakest song on the entire album. There is a nice melody and the ‘Ring My Bell’ lines gives me some nostalgia. The chorus wasn’t as strong as I hoped for. I like the falsetto during the pre-chorus, which was by far my favourite section of the song. I also liked how they extended the second and final chorus (compared to the second chorus) which pushes the song to be slightly catchier. The song itself is still good but it doesn’t have me falling for it as the others did. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

The Ruby Teaser Image

recommended red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp

[Review] Oh! My Mistake – APRIL

APRIL has returned with a brand new song, Oh! My Mistake. This is the group’s second comeback of the year, with the first being The Blue Bird which was released back in March.  Oh! My Mistake is featured on the group’s 6th mini-album, The Ruby.

Oh! My Mistake takes on a completely different sound that was completely different from my expectations. APRIL has made comebacks with bright songs, while also some mature sounding track due to the instrumentation that they went with. However, this felt powerful but in a very subtle way. It feels linear or monotone at first as it doesn’t feel like it builds up to the extent you want it to. However, the pre-chorus builds up in a way that really gives the song some punch. The chorus was also quite catchy, especially with the hook in the second half. Looking back, the buildup was there but it wasn’t as profound or that obvious like in other songs. The song has this retro sound which feels really cool. I thought the instrumental break was a well-done connection between the retro sound and our current era. I personally like this song and think it is a great addition to their portfolio.

The music video had elements of the retro era such as the VHS tapes at the start and the end of the video. I liked the direction they took. APRIL is a group that I usually associate a really strong cutesy charm too, as this has been utilised in their comebacks on numerous occasions. But there were no cutesy charms here. Instead, they looked mature and it really suited them.

While there isn’t a live performance for this comeback yet, there was enough in the video for me to say that it looked really nice. It isn’t your most energetic routine but it was formed in a way that suits the perceived linear nature of the song. They showed some of the pre-chorus routines which I liked, along with the routine in the second half of the choruses.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10 


[Review] The Blue Bird – APRIL

APRIL is back with their newest track, The Blue Bird. The Blue Bird is the title track off their 5th mini album, which is titled as The Blue. This also marks their Take My Hand comeback since September 2017, the final of three 2017 comebacks (the others include April Story and Mayday).  Jinsol and Naeun also formed a special subunit for a track in February (which I somehow completely missed).

The Blue Bird reminds of the April Story, in the sense, it (predominately) features an orchestral style instrumental. This return does bring them back to that mature sound which I liked with the earlier track. And while they did bring that back, they did manage to keep it from becoming too similar. The drums that featured in this song seemed to be a lot bolder and more defined, giving the song some energy and a more upbeat vibe. The bridge was also quite fresh, which removed the classical influence and moved into a more pop-based sound. It didn’t last long but it gave the song some relief from becoming too repetitive. Vocally, all the members sounded good. It isn’t impressive but their vocals pair well with this style. My favourite line is just before the choruses and the final line in the song, ‘I have something to say.’ I thought the way it sounded was just beautiful and was my highlight of the entire track.

I liked how the video wasn’t oversaturated in blue. And I am glad because it would have made it a little overwhelming to watch. Instead, the blue colour was featured as small details such as the teddy bear, the blue sky, the flower petals on the floor. Their blue dresses were bold yet it worked well with the rest of the video in the background. On top of that, I really liked where they set the video. It gave off a classy vibe and made everything feel graceful and warm. Overall, it was a nice video to watch, pairing well with the song.

I unfortunately don’t think there is enough choreography in the video to write anything about it. Though I will be honest and what I can see is rather plain. I will return once a live performance is released (PS. there are a few from last week which I will be updating tomorrow).

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10 
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

[Review] Take My Hand – APRIL

April has returned during the week with their third comeback of 2017. The girls made their first comeback at the start of the year with April Story and in May with Mayday. Their third comeback is in the form of their 4th mini-album, titled as Eternity and the title track is Take My Hand.

Take My Hand has one powerful instrumental. From the very start to the end, the instrumental has been the standout aspect of the entire song. The mix of classical with the electronic synths sounds really cool. Their vocal work in this song is pretty good. But the song is far from perfect. The first major observation is that the song didn’t have that catchiness that makes many KPOP songs addictive. Going hand-in-hand with that observation is that the song does really peak as well. It remains relatively neutral and it would have been better to have it kicked into a more addictive gear with a hook. The next thing I noticed was that the song seemed to be jammed together. Rather than having small breaks along the way, it felt more like a blur and in combination with the idea that the song doesn’t have any catchy moments, the song does fall behind its competition and the girl’s previous tracks. While there are aspects that I like, the song does fall short.

The few times I have watched the video, I thought it was boring. But after looking into it in detail, it actually became quite interesting. Essentially, the plotline is that the girls are shy and are hesitant when it comes to confessing to their crush. Their crush just seems to brush things off and goes on with his day. Wanting a second wish, they find this prayer that allows them to have a second chance at confessing to the guy, which in the end, they manage to get. Quite an interesting storyline, considering how it fits in nicely with the accompanying English lyrics. The choreography scenes look great but I am not a major fan of their outfits this time around. Not one to mention it, but it was one of the first things to pop into my head when I watched the video the first time around.

The performance is quite nice, but it doesn’t have a memorable move or sequence. I did like their jammed-packed chorus because there was a mix of elegance but also a little abstract from what I can see.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

[Double Review] Mayday + Lovesick – APRIL

APRIL previously made their comeback at the start of the year with April Story. That was their first comeback where they introduced their two newest members, Rachel and Chaekyung. Now, the girls are back with their newest title track Mayday. From what I got out of the news articles regarding their comeback (I mainly skimmed over them), I did not expect a second music video for Lovesick. However, since it is already released, why not make a review for it as well? Let’s get the show on the road!

While the verses were very dry and lacking, the chorus is what makes Mayday so good. Overall, the song seems to bring together the cute side of their past comebacks but also that mature sound we were given a taste of, at the start of the year. There is also something familiar about the “Mayday, Mayday” melody at the start of the chorus, which made we return to the track a few times already. The instrumental was kind of messy and very loaded. They smashed different sounds, which sounded okay, but it wasn’t great. As for their vocal work, it was okay. Not their finest but still good.

Comparing the two songs, the vocal work of Lovesick is much better. They sounded clearer and more appealing to me. The song was drier than Mayday, which was a disappointment. I say that because I was drawn to the song for its string based instrumental, which (for those who don’t know) I am a total sucker for. The instrumental may be a lot more simple in this song and almost felt empty, but I still fell for it. Overall, it isn’t that catchy and I actually do prefer Mayday over Lovesick.

Like the song, I do prefer the music video for Mayday over Lovesick. If you have read my many past reviews (I have over a thousand of them), I place a huge emphasis on colours and filters, which I think I shouldn’t do. But, the video for Mayday was more bolder and vibrant with its colours, while Lovesick felt pale and didn’t have the energy to help fuel its potential cute concept. There wasn’t else to the Lovesick video. It felt more like a video for fans more than anything else. Mayday was loaded with extra scenes and fitted the bright sound of the song. I also liked the retro theme that they had going.

Both dances were very cute and matched their respective songs. To me, Mayday had more of an impact to it, which made it more enjoyable to watch. Lovesick had your typical cute concept moves, while Mayday had a little more fun to it.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 5.5/10
Overall Rating – 5.5/10


[Review] April Story – April

April has also returned with a slight adjustment to their lineup. They last promoted as a 5 member girl group back in April 2016 with Tinkerbell. Hyunjoo was put on hiatus due to health issues and later in 2016, she ended up leaving the group. In her stead, Chaekyung and Rachel were added to the group, transforming the group into a 6 member girl group. They released their 3rd mini album Prelude and title track April Story on the 4th of January this year.

Another great song. This time April has gone with a very nice orchestra instrumental (with the addition of guitar riffs throughout the song) and something that has a grander sound than anything they have released. The group also adopted a more mature sound with this comeback. Vocally, this song gives the girls a little boost in recognition. While there aren’t any high notes, like in their past songs, each member sounded amazing. Well, for the 3 members or so who sung. I watched those line distribution videos once again. And this song probably was the worst line distribution of all time. 1 member got 2 seconds worth of lines and another member got no lines whatsoever. Instead, the majority of the song was dominated by 2 vocalists, who took a combined 73% of the song (Line distribution as my source here). Now I am reading that some of the members may not be vocally equipped or fluent in the language. So why make them debut? It doesn’t make sense. But I guess that can be talk for another day. The song just felt a little underwhelming, if I was to say anything else. Minus the line distribution, I enjoyed the song a lot.

The music video was quite underwhelming as well. Let me start off by getting something off my chest: that hair needs to go. Now that has been recorded and published for the word to see, I can focus back on the review. The video shows the girls as dolls, who seem to be eying the guy. It seems like the girls like the guy and dream that one day they can walk into the door of the store for him to see (i.e. the ending). The plot was okay and quite innocent. Just the video felt dull and unappealing to watch. Maybe given their past videos, I expected something with a little more colour. But then again it is Winter, so the dull filter is in style. And here I am rambling.

The choreography was quite good for the song. It was quite elegant and very classy to watch these girls dance. The ending in the video seemed messy, so the expectation was the stage was going to have a messy ending. But on the stage, it was perfected and they all look in sync.

Rating – 6/10

[Review] Tinkerbell – APRIL

April has finally returned with a brand new song, Tinkerbell. For those who don’t remember, April is a 5 member girl group which debuted under DSP Entertainment last year. They made their debut with Dream Candy and made their comeback at the end of the year with Muah!. With their second comeback, one of the members (Hyunjoo) had gone onto temporary hiatus to recover from some health issues. Just note that she hasn’t dropped out of the group and says she will return once she is all better.

The song is pretty cool. All these bright and cutesy songs all remind me of the days where girl groups made their debuts and comebacks with aegyo sounding sounds. Only now, they seem to be more ambitious and creative, in terms of style and sound. The song is really addictive and I lipsync to it (and I am proud of it!) every time I hear it play. Probably a song I managed to replay constantly when it first came out. It has been a while since their comeback, so the song has naturally settled. Their vocals were on point on this song and since their debut, they have grown vocally. I have said I am a sucker for high notes, but honestly, I have yet to decide whether the “high notes” at the end of the song are actually high notes or just someone yelling into the microphone. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds really nice. Just sometimes I feel like it is a little excessive. Chorus is catchy. The bright tone and pop based instrumental really brings out the smiles when I listen to it. I think that what makes the song so great, that makes you feel good and smile more.

The music video was too boring for my taste. I feel like there could have been so much room for creativity with just the title “Tinkerbell” and they just release a music video full of flowers in a forest? However, they got the small size of the character and also the beautiful (yet childish) looking dresses. They acting is okay in this video. A lot better than in their previous videos. The sets look nice, though. I just think the video is very boring and that doesn’t fit the bright and happy tone of the song.

The dance overall is pretty nice. It was literally what I wanted to see when I first heard the song. It isn’t an amazing dance but it fits perfectly with the song.

Really sorry for the short review. They are going to be short reviews for the next few weeks, though, sorry to say that. Exams coming up. Overall, the song was pretty good. Music video could have been much better. 6.5/10

Muah – APRIL

APRIL has returned with a song that pleases me and sounds 100% better then their debut song. This song is much more lively and energetic than Dream Candy, which they released a few months back. And I personally like that aspect of the track. You can tell just from the sound of the track of how fun and colourful the track is. While the highlight of the song was “Muah, Muah, Muah”, I think over words could have been used in place of muah. I honestly heard “Wah” when I first listen to the song. The vocal work for this song and the rapping were amazing. Not 100% sure what they sound like on stage, but this song gives me high hopes. The instrumental sounds pretty ordinary, but I don’t think it effects my perspective on the song that much. It is quite catchy and pretty addictive at the moment. Overall, I like it a lot.

As for the music video, that colour that we find in the song is evidently here in the music video. The video itself is a lot more interesting than Dream Candy. So the whole video is about them falling in love with one particular guy. Like all five girls, falling in love with only one guy. The same guy. Hmmm… Honestly, KPOP needs to invest in more people to act in these videos. Almost every KPOP video is about 1 guy or girl and the whole band falling in love with them. Kind of ridiculous. Every time I watch a music video that has this kind of plot, I kind of throw the video to the side. But the weirdest bit is that the girls become angry at each other, but make up with kisses. And fake kisses at that. Ummm… For some reason this sounds like something coming out of a high school. And really, these girls (in their girl scout uniform) look like their barely at the age to even be loved by a dude who looks way too legal.

The dance is really not that impressive. There really is nothing that grand about the dance. It’s cute and all, but with competition in the industry at the moment, this dance is going to get them no where. But I have to say the “muah, muah, muah” dance seems very bouncy and seems to be the cutest moment of the dance.

Overall, great song, interesting video and ordinary dance. I think you guys need to just read this line, and it summarises the review in just a few words. Hahahah… 6/10

Dream Candy – APRIL

A brand new group is on the block. Coming straight from the very company that formed FinkL, KARA, Rainbow and AJAX, APRIL is probably the youngest KPOP group at the moment. Yeah, they just debut and their youngest member is 13. I’m nearing 19 and I am starting to feel a little old. The oldest member is my age, and here I am trying to figure out how to make money grow on trees. This girl group is dubbed as the “next generation FinkL and Kara” (well, that is what their company claims). The group members as Somin, Chaewon, Hyunjoo, Naeun, Yena and Jinsol. Somin in particular has been a past member of Puretty (up until their disbandment) and both Somin and Chaewon participated in the Kara Project.

This is a pretty weak song for a debut. It really does not live much of an impact on the people who listen to the song. It just sounds like a song from a group that will just disappear. Not saying it is bad or anything, it just doesn’t tell the world how great this new group is. The song itself managed to work as an introduction to the band, but it is rather disappointing. Rookie girl groups like GFriend and Lovelyz had debut songs that got people to remember them.  They were catchy and powerful. But this, it is weak. Not catchy, not addictive. Their vocals are so-so. I am sure they will improve with future releases (like every other band). The song did have more of a Christmas but Summer (and princess) feel to it, in my point of view. While there are many intense songs, it is quite nice to get a song like this from time to time that is soft and calming. But yeah, they should have gone for a much stronger song to showcase their talents.

As for the music video, it was rather boring. I was easily distracted by other things and that took me away from the video. They are cute and definitely suit the cute concept, but I am sorry. This just does not do a good job at appealing to me. I honestly be creeped out if I woke up with a lot of plants growing next to me. I guess in this video, they went on a quest to find the unicorn. I wasn’t really that clear cause the video is basically 90% of them being cute and 10% of actual unicorns, so… I feel like DSP should have invested a little more into the music video. The sets, they look cheap. I am not expected everything to be made out of diamonds and gold, but there is that cheap feel accompanying the video. Also their dresses. The solid colours work. The German inspired dresses need to go. Also, those lacey bottoms to the dresses can go. That is so out of fashion. And that is coming from one who knows nothing about fashion.

For the dance, this is quite weak. Nothing wowed me. It was just a standard, boring dance. For their expressions, I feel like maybe they only just debut. But they look quite stiff and awkward on stage. But it is far too early to criticise them on that.

They are in need of a strong comeback. Debut didn’t do wonders for them, which is disappointing, because there was so hype around these girls. 4/10