Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet

The girls are back with Dumb Dumb. Only a few months ago, the group returned to the stage with Ice Cream Cake. After such a successful comeback, they are back and ready to conquer again. The members also been getting solo work as well. I know for a fact that Irene and Yeri have been hosting music shows for the last few months. I don’t here much about the other girls, but I am sure they have some work on their hands as well. But now, on with the review.

This song is actually pretty cool. It is pretty addictive and catchy. Everything about this song catches my eyes (well, more like my ears). It is a really nice song that shows the lighthearted side of the band that we saw in their debut. For some reasons I thought of those Thumb Thumbs from Spy Kids when I first heard of the song and its title. But honestly, once again the girls have done a pretty nice job vocally and their rapping is pretty solid as well. I just love their Michael Jackson homage in this song. Pretty smart. While there is some talk in the world about whether the girls plagiarized, I still think that this song is pretty unique in its own way. yeah it sounds similar to Bang Bang at some parts, but at the same time there are many parts that are completely different.  I am absolutely adoring this song and I think you all should as well.

As for the music video, it looks pretty cool. It seems like SM Entertainment have defienitly stepped out of their comfort zones for many music videos in the past year and I think it is paying off. Sure they are still inside a box for this particular video, but the way it is has been presented is completely different from what the company and the band has done previously. Though I am going to put it out there, the girls look very creepy as robots. But it is a smart way to present the “Dumb Dumb” song as many people only know one way of doing things. I really loved the sets and it seems there is some sort of circle theme going on in the videos. I believe Automatic had the girls sitting around a table. Ice Cream Cake saw the girls take a slice of a circle ice-cream cake and now the table is back in this video. I don’t know why but it intrigues me. I do have one complaint. One of their outfits look particularly cheap. It seems like the company ran out of fabric and decided to not sew the extra leg on. It just makes them look … well… dumb. But all their other costumes are amazing.

The dance for this song is amazing. They managed to pull off such a great dance that looks fun but mature at the same time. I love their chorus and how they managed to fit in one or two Michael Jackson dance moves during the rap part.

Overall, this comeback is perfect. Amazing song, great music video and to top it off, a awesome dance. 10/10

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