Rush – Monsta X

Monsta X is officially back for their first comeback. A few months ago, the boy group under Starship Entertainment made their debut with Trespass and they have “rushed” back with Rush. Hahahaha.. The boys have been proven to be popular with fans. They have also been on many different TV shows and also some members have featured in different music videos for their company label mates.

Trespass did not get a great review from me. Rush kind of mirrors Trespass for me, in a sense that it really has not appealed to me. Though, I am going to say, that Rush is much more catchier. When the rappers do the chorus, I feel like they have a much better hold of the song than the vocalist. The vocalists are not bad, but I can see them using some improvement. That main vocalist is actually quite good, but I don’t think the song suits him that well as well.  I feel like that this group can definitely challenge and rival B.A.P with the rapping and vocal combination, but we haven’t anything that strong and “powerful” from them. The husky voices of the rappers do the chorus pretty well. The instrumental is pretty good, but it sounds like continuously farting at the start (very mature of me, but I don’t know how to write out the sound in words).

This music video made me laugh. And it is not a good laugh. I have to be honest the set is amazing. Even though I think they actually shot outside in a real abandoned place, where KPOP music video makers find these places beats me. This is by far, one of the best backgrounds for a K-hiphop music video in a very long time. Their acting could have been better. It is that type of video where the members are acting in a satirical way. What made me laugh is the fact decided to set up shop, in an abandoned area. It seems like nothing else but these boys inhabit the area and it also seems like these boys are the only ones to pass by. It just looks highly unlikely and very out of placed. But I understand it is a music video after all.

I am actually impressed by this dance. I think it is a lot better and much more catchier (in term of dance moves) than Trespass was. The start of this dance was pretty cool, how they ease the members into the dance. Also enjoyed the chorus as well.

A lot better in my point of view than Trespass. Though it can be improved upon. 5/10

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