[DOUBLE REVIEW] Fire + So Good – Junho (2PM)

Junho from 2PM has returned to the stage as a soloist in South Korea this month, with Fire and made his solo comeback with a brand new album. The male singer has been achieve great lengths in Japan in the past few years with a lot of solo work. He made his official debut in Korea as a solo singer last year and this is his first comeback. This is also the first time I am reviewing a song from the artist, even though it has been some time since he debuted. 2PM has had a relatively quiet year, with the main comeback of My House just a few months ago. Junho shows off a different side of himself to the audience in this comeback, but damn, why is the promotions for him so short?

I definitely enjoyed both songs. Fire appealed to me more as the better track, but So Good was pretty catchy. So Fire is your rnb infused love song that I think is really cool. Junho killed it with this vocals and I was amazed at the high pitch he was singing at for most of the song. His English lyrics for this song sound a lot like he is asking for sex, but I think he is not technically aiming for that message. Honestly, the lead up towards the chorus was amazing and the instrumental was very calming. The song flowed very well and has me jaws dropping the whole way. So Good is like you Summer party track. Both songs were released in Japan before and I feel like this song was more targeted to the Japanese audience. But either way, the beat was addictive and the  way he sings the song makes him stand out. I absolutely loved his mini rap section after the chorus. It added more depth to the song. I know Junho is capable of these things, but like what JYP is doing to him, I forget about Junho’s talents. Both song was equally amazing and showcased his talents extremely well.

I watched the Japanese version of Fire and realized it was the wrong music video. While the exact same music video was used, the Japanese version was a lot darker for some reason, while the Korean version was much brighter. I don’t know why. There is just a short video for Junho’s Fire music video that was released for the Korean audience and there really is not much to say about it. I think the girl was very pretty. But I always think that filming would have been awkward due to their language barrier. But hey, the music video did not have any of that awkwardness, so I am quite amazed. So Good has a lot of eye candy and I think aims more for the female (and male) demographic. I am going to be honest, he looks handsome and his abs are probably to die for, for most guys. It seems like he is enjoying his time and I think him interacting with the camera for this music video made it a much better video, than just clips of him partying his summer away.

I haven’t seen much of the dance for So Good. But what I see from the music video, there really is not much to talk about. As for Fire, this live stages are phenomenal. Though I do get cringe worthy when I see artists interact with their microphone stand as if it was a girl. I honestly think it would be better if there was a pretty girl on this live stages. But then again, she might have been cursed at by certain fans…

It is such a pity that JYP is not promoting Junho. Junho deserves a whole promotional run, not just a week and a bunch of music videos. Refer to my rant at DAY6’s review. But overall, this was a superb comeback that got me in the summer feel. And I am sick with a cold at a moment.

Fire – 10/10

So Good – 10/10

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