Mansae – Seventeen

Seventeen is back with a brand new song for their first comeback in their career. It has only be a few months, but like Monsta X (yesterday’s review). They made their debut with Adore U back in May 2015. All I know is that Vernon has been on that rapping/hip hop show, Show Me The Money in the past few months. And according to Wikipedia, Jeonghan featured in a music video. The members have been uploading different versions of their debut song’s video on their YouTube video as well. Beside that, haven’t really seen much of them.

This song is really addictive and catchy as. I have been replaying this song non stop for the past few days. I am not disappointed with this song whatsoever. Everything from the rapping and vocals, instrumental to the beat, made the song a pretty nice song. The “mansae, mansae, mansae” part was really addictive. I also think some the members that were overshadowed in the debut song got some chances in this song to show off their talent. Joshua actually has a nice voice. He sang, like one line in the Adore U song, but here he got 3 lines, though each line is basically the same. But for some members to shine, other members had to be shoved to the back. I liked how the song started. It was just getting right into the point. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but it managed to do a great job in the song.

The music video was okay. I think the members were all trying to woo one girl, which is kind of weird, but that is the norm in KPOP videos. It could have been much better though. There really was not much to get me into it. Some of the acting was cringe worthy in this video. The basketball guy towards the end. He does a good job, but the way he plays his cocky character seems over the top. I did like that school hallway scene. The tennis court, even though it looks cheap, they managed to make use of that and I thought it made the video looked cooler and much more “real”. Most of the video was shot in a set that was “fake”, so it added a nice touch. But honestly, some the acting could have been better and the built sets could have been made to look realistic (or at least get rid the “17” on the fixtures at the back of the court – this is a music video, not an advertising gimmick (a pet peeve of mine)).

The dance was exceptional. I love the “Mansae Mansae Mansae” part where they spread out from the middle to the boundaries of the stage. Also loved their “smooth waving” ending. Don’t know what is called. The dance was cool and at the same time pretty addictive as well. It seems like they took one of the dance moves from Adore U and placed that in their dance this time as well.

Song and dance did not disappoint. While the music video could have been better, I think they did an amazing job this time around. 8/10


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