Closer – Oh My Girl

I am completely digging this song. It is unique and sets itself apart from any song that has been released recently. The song was intended to be dream like and when I listen to it, I get just that feeling. And also that feeling like I am floating. The vocals to this song is superb. They give off that really nice floating feeling. The girl who sang at the start was so on point, and I believe she is the same girl that does that high note at the bridge, which gave me goosebumps when I listened to it. “Can you hear my cry” was just done amazingly. Minus the bad English, I actually like this seriousness from these girls. Cupid was just standard for me. If am happy to listen to any songs from Oh My Girl  if the girls continue to release songs like this. The rapping at the end was so subtle and matched really well with the song. Everything made me go wow with this song and I really like it how they left that impression on me.

I honestly like this video. Not to the point where I am obsessing over it, but I find the video goes really well with the song. The storyline has me a little confused. Girl follows Little Red Riding Hood into the forest, which leads her to floating stone pillars? Umm… Okay… Little Red Riding Hood sends her off to the mirror which transport to the exact same place she first saw Little Red Riding Hood, but this time there is an old car there. She approaches the car and sees this girl in there, who looks like Little Red Riding Hood. She touches the girls and gets this flood of memories where she bites an apple and her friends all disappear and I am assuming she is Snow White. Nice fairytale touch to it, but I believe that there is more to the story. The editing just goes back and forth between the choreography and plot, which confuses me and seems a little too fast for me. But nonetheless, the video is quite calming (I think it is the song) and I managed to enjoy what I watched for around 4 minutes.

The dance is beautiful. It fits the song and the lyrics of the song. I have been reading this article about them and the star constellations and how their formations line up to be like the star constellations. That just makes it more meaningful to the song. I love the “closer” parts. While so simple, it is just genius.

Loving this comeback. Form song to video to dance, I am glad these girls are being recognised bit by bit. 9/10

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