Way Back Home – BTOB

BTOB is back with a brand new ballad, just months after their hit It’s Okay was released. I honestly expected that the boys would have returned back to their upbeat more pop like songs this time around, so when I found out it would be a ballad I was disappointed. But I did kind of liked their last ballad and this one was pretty good as well. But once again, the ballad theme, does not really win me over like their past dance songs. This song has that more Autumn feel with it, which reflects the season in which Korea is in right now!!! Solely judged on a ballad, I thought the song was quite soothing and nice to listen to. I am finding that I am listening to this song constantly. I feel like the rap blends really well into the song and the bridge, while it changes the song up a bit, manages to still keep the flow going and allows the song to progress smoothly. Overall it is a good ballad, but once again, not a sound that I associate with the group.

As for the music video, there is an actual plot line in it. It is a rather long video and each member appears in it (just a small fact). Okay, the plot. Ilhoon leaves home for quite some time, leaving his mother to worry for him. During that time, he and Changsub (the duo) steals money and ends getting attacked for the money. They join a gang after meeting an old friend (Hyunsik), but realize soon after that the gang is attacking the people who live in the same area as his mother. So he turns against the gang (and his old friend), in order to protect his mother during the fight. Their old friend finds out after to why they turned against the gang and apologises for what his done and with the help of Changsub, rekindles their friendship.  Essentially the video is about finding the “way back home”, where home refers to the people around you. In this case, Ilhoon’s home was his family and Hyunsik’s home was his friendship with Ilhoon. Such a happy ending for a video that almost made me cry during the middle. Though you might not understand anything, give the video a try. The acting was great and the cinematography was amazing. I personally think the video is giving out a good message.

I don’t think a dance was required for the song. Though it would look weird for them just to stand there, I personally think they should have just foregone the dance and has the live performance of just rapping and singing.

Overall the song was great. but not a BTOB style song for me. I personally recommend the video. Catch the moral of the story hahaha… 7/10

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