Rewind: October 2015

Catching up on my Rewind posts. I am releasing October’s rewind in conjunction with September’s, so above under the title, there is an arrow pointing to the left that says “Rewind: September 2015”. I’ve decreased the number of the songs on both lists as I haven’t really been paying attention to loads of music, just the big name groups for the past few months.

1. Closer – Oh My Girl

2. 4Walls – F(x)

3. Like Ooh Ahh – TWICE

3. Speed Up – MelodyDay

5. I – Taeyeon (SNSD)

6. Twenty Three – IU

7. Way Back Home – BTOB

8. I’m Fine – Dongwan (Shinhwa)

9. Ah Choo – Lovelyz

10. Rhythm Ta – iKON


And with that, I have been posting loads of reviews. Here are just some of the reviews that I have made for KPOP releases in the past month (some of the songs are in the list above). Check them out below

Closer – Oh My Girl

Speed Up – MelodyDay

Like Ooh Ahh – TWICE

Mind Your Own Business – Ailee

Lonely – N.Flying

Way Back Home – BTOB


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